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Fashionista occultist trend

Fashionista occultist trend 2022-11-26 #BalenciagaGate  #Balenciaga #occult Has Fashion gone too far? Is Fashion just one of those idols that people should avoid ? Be warned that children are being exposed not only to the occult but to evil cults. Carrying  fake babies in the most distasteful way is becoming a  dark trend. It is the psychology behind the elite and ancient corruption behind it. What is in the dark always comes to light. Jesus Christ taught us this. For the runaway collection the theme was stepping into hell. Dead looking models carrying bondage teddy bear bags and fake babies with bloody cloths was the trend. And for whatever reason it is unclear what Balenciaga campaign was suppose to stir, a new sinister culture and shock value or just normalizing  crime. Dark symbolism going back to the times of ba al, a heathen god that did child sacrifice.  Ba al a  appears first in 2 Kings 10:19 and is mentioned more than 77 times in the Old Testament of the Bible.  We all saw

strange trends: Earthquake in Alberta Canada.

  Strange trends Strange Trends: Earthquakes and meteorite In Canada earthquakes are rare in the prairies but not uncommon in Quebec and British Columbia. Earthquakes can be natural or manmade?  Approximately Six hours ago a Magnitude 5.3 earthquake occurred 49 km from Peace River, AB Canada· This happened Nov 29, 6:55 p.m. Third year in a row Alberta is hit with earthquake. So what was it?  Removing oil and gas from the shale is the cause of fracking near that area. The North American craton is also located there. Just this summer a missile flew over the Yukon and no media reported.  A meteorite hit the Baltic sea yesterday November 28 2022. A previous one hit in August 2022 there.   A week ago ground search for a meteorite landing was reported:   The bright fireball produced by the terminal plunge of 2022 WJ1 was also observed by Western’s All-Sky Camera Network across southern Ontario at 03:26am on Nov. 19, just as predicted. The meteoroid entered the Earth’s atmosphere just s

The New Place We Humans Live in, Should we Be Getting Used To it?

Should We Be Getting Used To it? August 26, 2022   trends     floods     fire     snow It is not new to hear as it was predicted by visions and messages from the celestial messages of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Should we get used to the new weather patterns strangely enough in odd parts of the world? While last year Spain explained of their chemtrails made of vaccines, other places look like the letter x in the skies. What is supposed to be a desert became torrential rain. Such as in places like the UAE in  the last days of July 2022 and in Texas in the last days of the month in August. Or what about Las Vegas, Nevada Where there is no snow is now snowing for the second year in a row in the same month of August such as in South Africa. Rocks are falling landslides in California, United States or in  Vancouver,  Canada and avalanches in Alaska, Mexico or in Switzerland. Most SCARY  rockfalls, landslides and avalanches caught on camera by the unbelievable published on youtube  Au

World Wide Heated Resignations in Past Weeks

World Wide Heated Resignations in Past Weeks     (Tuesday, July 19 2022) While the UK receives record hot record temperatures of 40, Spain faces uncontrollable fires. Is it climate change or weather wars? When they said the Great Reset, what were they talking about? It is no longer becoming a mystery as the world begins to change just right in front of our eyes. China for example has been keeping billions of savings of money from their citizens. Since April 2022 Chinese banks have been under frozen status. It first began with them saying that their was a software upgrade.  Does it sound like Canada's rogers communication system being doing for several days this past weekend? Nobody seem to know the problem but a system upgrade glitch.Thousands of Canadians were unable to reach their bank information or internet. Then on Thursday July 7 2022 the Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson decides to all the sudden mysteriously resign. This came after some kind of UK government scandals o

Transhumanist Agenda

  Where are we today with the Transhumanist Agenda Monday 6/20/22 Trends: extinction event    transhumanism     GMO   Bioweapons   What is a trans-humanist agenda? If you thought those words sound like a human transferring themselves into something other than human; you may be on the right track. Why does it sound so important to understand now is only because the agenda has existed for a long time but humanity is entering into that phase. One doctor that is openly speaking about the transhumanist agenda and Dr. Judy Makovits. Dr. Judy Makovits explains  bioweapons, gmo, and how we are living in an extermination event. Every polio vaccines is grown in viro monkey kidney cells for 40 years the virus sequence the blue print has been there our who life of course they know when they are going to scare you with plandemic 2 in your event 202 instead of event 202, she says. (7:30 min) In an interview Dr. Judy Makovits responds to the June 1 2022 conference of WHO. When the WHO organisation D

Human Crisis: Fall Food Shortage..Famine?

Human Crisis: Fall Food Shortage..Famine? Thursday May 19, 2022   human crisis   food shortages   1932?  Mass exodus has been occuring in the past 7 years. Spain has been a country widely outspoken about massive african migration into their country.  The border of poland and ukraine has receiced a massive migration in cold winter month of 2020 shortly before the russian  war invasion.  In a story from a few years ago called,   Migrant Invasion Extreme Shock in Spain 2050 New World Order December 21, 2018: In a Spanish radio talk show Aqu铆 La Voz de Europa on December 19 as heard below, they discuss the impact of millions of Muslims invading again . How the Spanish Government is trying to convert the Northern Mediterranean into the virtual reflection of the southern tip with millions of Muslims. In the commentary , they say that if this happens then there is nothing to do,  war, bombing,  and other 800 years of throwing out, how it had occurred in the Conquista. In their discussion the

Targeted Individuals: Max Spiers a victim

  targeted individuals     mk ultra    Super soldiers     Hybrids       Cyborgs      transhumanism    PreFlood advanced technology        ETs      Human cloning  Cloning     AI     Black Goo        Mandela Effect     time travel Targeted Individuals: Max Spiers a victim  Monday, May 16 2022 Max Spiers was a targeted individual all of his life. It was the summer of 2014 Max Spiers looking alive did an interview at Caterbury kent England. He speaks about the construction shape of the castle. He explained why the castle construction on top was round and used to deter demons. In the  miles johnston interview called " Bases 37 Max Spiers and Sarah Adam ";  Max   explains of the existance of 12 dimensions and 4 rt reich.  'They are trying to get the male and the female blend together have the ultimate slave', he says. Look at the mona lisa referring to the painting at 56 min  Who is they? Max was referrin

Human crisis: Baby Formula Shortages

  Human crisis     Food shortages trend mk ultra      targeted individuals      Super soldiers     Hybrids       Cyborgs      transhumanism    PreFlood advanced technology        ETs      Human cloning Cloning     AI     Black Goo       Mandela Effect     time travel Human Crisis: Baby Formula Shortages Sunday, May 15 2022 Should baby food  shortages be anyones  concern  or  a human crisis ? That is exactly what is happening in the United States? Shortages of baby formula is a concern because all of the sudden it has disappeared from all kinds of American retail stores. Many concerned reporters have taken this highly spoken trend to the retail stores.  Fox News reporter, Tucker Carlson has made baby formula shortages as one of the things America's cshould be concerned on May 13, 2022, 'Tucker: They are hoarding baby formula',  eventhough; the  Joe Biden's administration does not. The administration was aware of the baby formula shortages a few months ag

What is in a label?

  Are we reaching the "cold heart" measures what Jesus Christ refered when talking about the last days?  Because of  the increase of wickedness the love of most  will grow cold but the one who stands firm in the end will be saved matthew 24:12 Talk about people calling people racist or masoginist?  If we look back during Jesus Christ time did the word " racism " even exist? Could that have been  a term created by the 'globalist'  such as the 'tower of babylon' type of people? Everything in this generation needs to be questioned..why.. because when we stop asking we might as well be dead?  We learn when we ask. Jesus Christ asked us to be more like the children. Innocence allows us to be free hearted and light hearted when we do not fear in asking questions and when we are free there is no fear in life in asking. Take your time in liking or listening to links below expanding our minds to freedom of thought:

What would happen if Elon musk owned twittter

 If it is up for debate. But not one to understand if one does not know. what we know know about who elon musk is, that he was from canadian technocracy. so what do you think. check last technocracy or crazy people loving technology.

Massive Solar Storm. Monday March 28 th

Massive Solar Storm ad early as 6 am Monday 28 2022.  Could it bring the internet down?  It is expected to be as massive as bringing internet down. GPS vould be down Canada is most vulnerable. In March 1989 there was a great power grid down in Quebec. Volcanoes and earthquakes activity can increase during Solar Storms. As of Monday March 28 2022 5 am volcanic activity and earthquakes has increased.

Human Crisis Who do you believe?

Human Crisis Trend  Evacuation Trend       Black Out TrendDeception Trend Sunday March 6 2022 Ukraine time Day 11 Ukraine War Childen Targeted  #StopRussia international prayer day march 6 2022 pray for ukraine   Please pray to Jesus Christ for the deception to end. Lord Jesus Christ please give a tunnel of light of safety to the evacuees as you did to the Israelites as the fled the tyrant Egyptian Pharaoh. Bring a miracle. Humanitarian corridors is looking not safe.  Ukraine has been assulted gravely by Russians this is Sunday day 11. People are being shot cold blooded on streets of Ukraine  even in their homes. Humanitarian corridors were negotiated, however; it never worked as their promise was broken a day ago by Russian assault. Children are dying, people without weapons becoming martyrs. Putin has said he will do public executions. Ofcourse once social media blocks the insanity of this world we will be in a blackout. Ukranians have reported crimes up as looting, bank

Human Crisis: Ash Wednesday Day of Fasting Ukrainians at War

Human Crisis: Ash Wednesday as Ukrainian Fighting in their Land is Day 8 Wednesday March 2 2022 10 pm Thursday Mar 3 2022 6 am Day 8 Ukraine Russia War Today is Ash Wednesday. Ashes from Palm Sunday last year are burnt. First day of Lent.  Fasting ending at sun set hours. A special meal is Eaten and repentence is made. People stay at home and quietly pray and tslk to God Almighty. March 6 is worldwide prayer for war to end betwern Ukrain and Russia. Russia continues to arrest anti war protesters. An 80 year old woman is arrested. A young girl is seen taken too, her crime giving a rose infront of ambassador of Ukraine.  Kherson Ukraine's port city of Kherson falls to Russian forces as explosions heard in Kyiv. Ukraine Prisoners are being led out to fight. People are seeing local crime rise.

Celestial Trends: 2022 Prophecies

Celestial Trends: Heavenly Messages Prophecies about Russia Tuesday March 1 2022 6:30 am Central  Valentina Sydney Seer had a couple of accurate Heavenly messages about the 2022  War of Russia. The first was on February 17 2022 Valentina had a message from Our King and Lord Jesus Christ where he said: God the Father said, “My daughter, why I brought you here is because there is so much I want to tell you. The world is not getting any better. It is very sinful. Oh, what a mess! It is a mess wherever I look. Wherever I look, My poor children live in a sinful state, and they keep going on in that way like there is no tomorrow.” “One good thing that there is My daughter is I removed part of the Coronavirus. It is not as dangerous as it was. I have pity on My children so that they can go back to work to survive. They have to earn a living and provide for their families.” “Another thing I want to tell you is that the war with Russia, for the time being, is suspended but not completely stoppe

Human Crisis Day 5 ukrain War Monday Feb 28. 2022

Human Crisis Ukraine War Day 5 Monday Feb 28 2022 4 am Day 5 Time 12:38 p.m. Monday, February 28, 2022 (GMT+2) Time in Ukraine Putin threatens a nuclear war. Today on Aj discussion of Putin's secret weapon called Satan2 is capable of exploding a size like Texas in seconds. At around 15:00 or 3 pm negotiations will begin at Belarus Border after Putins Threat. He has agreed to meet with Ukrain President. Meanwhile Putin may have fired a high military command that was holding back the nuclear threat. Ukrainians Held Back Lviv, Ukraine Ukranian civilians prepare in the streets with bottles filled with styrafoam and other explosives. Fox reporter shows ukrain students making Molotov cocktails Refugees People flee by foot. Others stuck in traffic jam. Poland An american man walked for 20 hours to get to Poland from Ukraine. In an interview he says that people that fled by fooy have no food or electricity in winter. More refug

Ukraine Crisis February 25 2022 Update

Day 2 Friday February 25 2021 3:40 pm ukraine 7:40 am Tweets  Day 2 of Ukraine Crisis   Russian War Ukrainians sheltering in metro stations as air sirens are soundind loud. Apartment building was destroyed overnight. Ukraine has shot down 2 russian missiles and fighter jet at calital. Over 137 dead and more injued in Ukraine. Today DW a german public broadcast reports Ukraine soldiers is fighting russian troops on ground outside of Kyiv, ukraine. Ukraine Refugees Drafts Why are troops not going to Ukraine. Is it fear. While most Ukrainians are running desperately out of targeted zones which is almost in 8 cities some have to stay. Males between ages 18 to 60 have to fight for their country. Most have no experience. UN says over 5 million will flee Ukraine. Ukraine refugees are at Romania border Chernobyl While yesterday there are reports the Russia is taking over Chernobyl it is hard to say why. Some say chernobyl

#standwithukraine #stoprussia After Russia Attacks February 24 2022

February 24 2022 2:11 pm ukraine time After the full invasion of Ukraine nearby  foreign ministers and ministers are tweeting their frustration and anger. But initially others were concerned with selfies and cyber attacks discussions not civilians. Was this a deterrent or plain dumbness . If war games was like this what would a world ne ran by these collective minds. Prepare spititually with Jesus Christ. Kaja Kallas is Eesti Vabariigi peaminister, Prime Minister of Estonia  @kajakallas·4 hours ago Here is my full statement on Russia’s full-scale attack against Ukraine ⬇️  Russia must stop immediately. The people of Ukraine - you have our unwavering support. #StandWithUkraine 馃嚭馃嚘 Was all this caught by surprise standing in middle of street while others are in hiding. It seems 13 hours ago  Eva-Maria Liimets @eliimets Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republ

Hundreds Dead Russia in Ukraine Soil

1:35 p.m. Thursday, February 24, 2022 (GMT+2) Time in Ukraine Thursday Feb. 24 2022 5:36 am Canadian time As we westerners slept. Chaos reports of Ukraine civilians victims of War times. Hundreds.. Dead. As the Feb 19  Marian revelation reported from Archandel Michael that the tentacles of the Evil were prepared. See or watch  Previously posted : Time in approximately Ukraine Noon  It is being reported a couple hours ago that Russian troops have captured on ground Odessa blocking streets. Screenshot images taken Thursday Feb 24 22 actual 1:37 am approximately  Australian news report 3 hours ago Tweets:  Russian forces have blocked the entry and exit point of Kharkov city.Ukrainian troops are currently in the streets of Odessa. Numerous videos of Ukrainian military convoys passing through the city of Odessa po

Rumors of War Human Crisis Russia at War with Ukraine

Day 1 Full Scale Invasion is on ground in Ukraine. Around 5 am Ukraine time February 24 2022 a war has broken out in Ukraine. Fox news reporter 10:20 pm February 23 2022  explains a tweet sent by Marco Rubio that two of Ukraine largest cities is being targeted with ballistic missiles by Russia. Military base and airport has been the target strike. Marco Rubio @marcorubio: To clarify what is underway is a full scale & comprehensive military assault throughout #Ukraine Airborne & amphibious landings,missile strikes from air,ground & naval forces, electronic & cyber attacks & a large ground for twitter screenshots wednesday february 23 2022 11:20 pm At this time air in ukraine is suspended. This comes minutes before Vladimir Putin sends mitary generals underground bunkers. Watch beyond israel The news has surfaced live discussions on ukraine crisis as emergency discussion at the unit

Parliament Suspended February 18 2022 11 pm after Trudeau' February 14 Emergency Act

Is the Emergency measures act just for trudeau's family. So why does it exist. Only Pierres Trudeau has used it. Parliament Suspended February 18 2022 11 pm after Trudeau' February 14 Emergency Act. The minority government Emergency measures Act does not meet its threshholds. These Critical criterias is creating a question period within the Parliament. Mr Andrew Sheer ( )  claimed that the Government is suspended as of 11 pm Friday before MPs question Period. As of  February 18 just 4 days after the Emergency Act was passed.Parliament Suspended February 18 2022 11 pm after Trudeau' February 14 Emergency measure Act. On March 13, 2020, Parliament suspended for 5 weeks amid COVID-19 concerns after passing trade deal, spending bills MPs, senators voted to pass new North American trade bill claimed Catharine Tunney and John Paul Tasker From CBC News

The Flourishing of the Righteous #freedomconvoy2022

When in mind of the freedom convoy i. Opened the Bible to Proverbs 29. This sacred Bible verse belongs to the Ancient Book of Proverbs written hundreds of years before Jesus Christ. Proverbs 29 also is titled The Flourishing of the Righteous, this is because when the : A man who hardens his neck  after much reproof   Will suddenly be broken beyond remedy. This goes out to leaders of our time. Yesterday after Pm Trudeau declared Emergency act on Sunday..he set out officers to arrest peaceful loving patriots of freedom. Since when is carrying a Canadian flag a crime. The Metis organizer of Tamara Lich leads,  The Flourishing of the Righteous. She was arrested yesterday like Pastor Arthur from Alberta was also arrested for the same act as mischief. He has been in jail for weeks now. Flourishing of the Righteous 1 A man who remains stiff-necked after much reproof will suddenly be shattered beyond recovery. 2 When the righteous flourish, the people r

Pm Right hand a Nazi Family Ties

 Snitch lines..freezing accounts..all communists moves. Next your home..So let us remind what the Canadian Parliment family mean. Pm says words similar to Hitler now a reminder from 2017 Globe and mail article said about his right hand family ties.  The castro having Jewish roots how is their relations with nazi background roots. Today AJ infowars reminder of placing PM as the puppet of Freeland as the economic forum member.   News too of booger lovers collecting dna after pcr tests done as illegal mentions aj. Courts in Canada are hidden. Justice are hidden behind camera. Covid 19 has turned JUSTICES's behind curtain. You do not see their face they get to see yours and accuse you of hearsay. Covid 19 has changed laws countries and they are getting away with it.

Human Crisis Protected Demonstrators Supporters Geneva Convention

 Protected Demonstrators Supporters Geneva Convention #freedomconvey2022 The charter of rights are being ignored by canadian politicians and other professionals. February 12 2022 Winnipeg Canada While the peaceful demonstrators since January 29 2022 have been dancing hugging and creating a peaceful environment nonetheless they are verbally and physically being called unlawful. Let us not mention Trudeau calling the unvaxxed racist and take up space. In Canada unvaxxed are not allowed to eat in restaurant go to movie theater attend university or play indoor sports. Traveling on trains or airplanes.  The world is not going to back down after this verbal assault. Trudeau can not be PM with name calling and Americans Bill Maher calls this spoken words from Hitler. American lawyer are sending Canadians the Geneva Convention Rights of protest. The police in ottowa has comited war crimes under the geneva convention.

Convoy of Truck Keep Passing the Prairies

  Human Crisis Trend Convoy of Truck Keep Passing the Prairies Veronica Davis 2022-01-26 The Vaccine Mandate continues to be a Human Crisis worldwide. People do not want the temple of your body to be ran by Governments. Remember Jesus Christ mentioned the body being the Real Temple. A convoy of trucks is passing by the central part of Canada. The Truck convoy will be passing by in the next few days as it is said they will meet in Ottawa, Canada to question the current Justin Trudeau Government. It has been said that 150,000 trucks will be heading there from now to January 29, 2022. People are asking why the Government of Canada is enforcing the vaccine. In General, the Vaccine is being challenged by most people in Canada who refuse the vaccine. The vaccine is said to be a dna game changer to society. The cutdown to society by the elite. Restaurants in Canada are empty. Line ups in Canadian testing vaccine sites are also empty during the December and January 2022 media fed Omnicron.

Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Submerince Volcano Erupts January 14 2022

Climate Chaos Trends      State of Emergency Trend Volcano Eruption Trend   Tsunami Trend Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai  Submarine Volcano Erupts January 14 2022 Sat, 2022-01-15 Entire West Coast on Alert of Tsunami after the violent eruption of Submarine Volcano. Volcanoes currently active: erupting: 28 warning: 13 unrest: 37 normal / dormant: 1368 Can Hypersonic Missiles cause volcanic eruption? Just 3 days ago, NK sent out two hypersonic missiles causing the American Airlines to hault for 7 minutes.  The one strange thing about this is why are there no earthquakes around the volcano which is concidered normal? screenshot In the past 24 hours there has been no major earthquakes around Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'Apai region. Submarine volcano located 149 m / 489 ft in Tonga, Tonga Islands, -20.57°S / -175.38°W Similar Reads: Hypersonic Missile Lauched by NK January 12, 2022 Evacuation Order Issued for #LordHoweIsland . Land Threat for #Norfo

Healthy Trend: Medieval Town of Rothenburg ob de Tauber Jog and Run

 Healthy Trend Medieval Town of Rothenburg ob de Tauber Jog and Run Veronica Davis 2022-01-13 Beginning the New Year with a healthier lifestyle is important not just for our health but for our mind and Spirit. It is not just about what we read but what we do with our bodies. This year I will be posting more of my experiences of keeping fit and yet being educated by famous trainers around the World.  I have been exploring new areas and loving it.  In the year of  October 2021, I was able to visit Dubai and be part of the World Blockchain Summit in the United Arab of Emirates. Heading there from Canada was a long and exhausting trip. Getting there meant visiting new countries that I have never visited before.  The Covid-10 pandemic meant I was not able to get out of the Airport. But what I was able to do was  experience the touch down of culture for the first time in France and Germany. While in Frankfurt, Germany, my experience was not pleasing. The police presence inside the Airport ga