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Cuban American Community for President Donald Trump 2020 Elections Mar 2 2020 3/2/2020

Cuban American Community for President Donald Trump 2020 Elections Mar 2 2020 3/2/2020 #MAGA #MIAMI President Donald Trump has the support of Cuban Miami Community. Miami residents supporting the Presidency of Donald Trump rally Feb 29 2020. One woman wearing Make America Again hat said she will vote for President Trump on this upcoming elections. The rally was seen outside the  Democrat socialist Bernie Sanders at Coral Gables. The Cuban Community cheered for Donald Trump. A parade of dozens of cars were seen with people were see waving their flags . While more than 55 elders from a nursing home are in a lockdown in Kirkland, Washington. Trunews a Christian website has reported of  Bernie Sanders paying  Puerto Rican communities. David knight also reports on this topic. Ironically on the same day the Cuban Miami community was for President Donald Trump, at the U.S El Paso border something different was happening at the U.S Mexico border. While the Cuban refug

Will the Richmond Hill Toronto Public be infected? Mar 2 2020

Human Crisis Trend State of Emergency Trend Outbreak Trend     Agenda 21 Will the Richmond Hill Toronto Public  or North York Region be infected with the Coronavirus Covid-19? Mar 2 2020 3/2/2020 It has been a question on everyone's mind? What about public transit? It is not just a concern about air flight? What about public bus transit? Canada is a large country but so far the coronavirus or new name covid-19 positive numbers are growing fast . Take for example its newest case of the coronavirus or covid-19 where a woman has taken public transit and is now infected. Will this new case in Richmond Hill Toronto patient bring new standards in the public sector? What kind of precautions were taken? Analysis A 34 yr old woman traveling from Pearson Airport coming from the Qatar Airways flights Qr4 83 or 163 Air Canada Flight AC 883. Then she rides in Toronto the Public Transit, on Thursday February 26 2020 . She rides the Go Bus heading to Richmond hill Ce

Mysterious Flu? Cod vid 19 Hiv Like Mutation? Mar 1, 2020

Mysterious Flu and Hiv Like Mutation Mar 1, 2020 3/1/2020 Something continues to be strange about the Why are Aids experts being selected to take on the Coronavirus situation in the United States? An article that came out in Hong Kong, in the South China Post, 'Coronavirus far more likely than Sars to bond to Human Cells due to HIV-like mutation, Scientist say. Mutated genes that did not exist in Sars but were similar to those found to HIV and Ebola'. Meanwhile there was a mysteries death in Florida yesterday. The father of the 11 year old girl who died said they were told it was a new flue. What was reported afterwards, she just was a sick person. Watch Trunews for discussion of ' Coronavirus Mystery: VP Pence Taps AIDS Czar and Trump Touts Ebola Vaccine'. Here we learn that we must keep God Almighty in our Hearts as the cup is full but it is not Jesus Christ's cup but those that are trying to scare us. There are many people talking about the corona