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Censorship Trend: President of the United States He Won by Lanslide

Election Fraud Trend      Censorship Trend President of the United States is being partly censored by twitter. As the tweet is being claimed to be disputed. Just an hour ago he tweets 7:30 am central time. Then twitter message prevents retweets likes or shares. The tweet at this moment's time is 8:30 am and it is still presently showing. Megatrndz has done screenshots of tweet and blocked messages in case it disappears. Trends Climate Chaos Trend:   High Winds  Hurricane Trend:   04B Cyclone Nivar near India Nov 25, 2020 Climate Chaos Trend :  Hurricane Storm Eta and Iota  Election Fraud Trend:  U.S Elections 2020  Mushy Natural Resources Kills Nicaraguans in Artisan Mine After Iota and Eta 2020-12-06                       How Unsafe have Mines been in Nicaragua and China? This month has been two disasters in Nicaragua and in China killing dozens of people. It was Friday Morning at around 10:30 am a poor town in Nicaragua worst happened to

Censorship Trend Twiter and Face book Editor or Social Media Platforms

Censorship Trend Twiter Bots, Face book Bots affecting U.S Elections?   by Veronica Davis 2020-11-17 Show articles matching the search for " censorship trend" Today November 17 2020 Live technocracy leaders answer many questions that will help in how the censorship actually exists. Senator and Chairman Mr Graham asked, Do you have any evidence that suggests that your platform could be addictive. Sometimes it may look like a bot but it is organized by a Human. Not clear what this meant but still what it means that Humans are controlling the outcome. This applies to the censorship the world has been complaining about. Who are the ROBBER BARONS Are Mr Dorsey and Mr Zuckerberg the new Robber barons. They were the ones who set rates and prices to determine how they could . They were the head of companies in the late nineteenth century,  Controlling information flow to determine how to get rid of competition. Mr Hawle

Censorship Trend:The Poster Censorship Must Come Down The Truth about Uncleaness

Human Crisis     Censorship Trend Censorship Trend The Poster Censorship Must Come Down  Veronica Davis 3/11/2020 In the United States the House of Appropriations hearing the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discussed its budget on Tuesday. The very first comment came from the Chairwoman Ms Delauro who has brought up a concern that applies to the general public. Today a meeting for the 2021 budget that has not been discussed since 2016, took place earlier this morning. Ms Delauro claimed: The American Administration has been ordered the immigration courts to immediately remove coronavirus poster. It just says that the Immigration staff have been ordered by the administration to take down coronavirus posters from Court Rooms and waiting area the executive office for immigration review which falls under the department of Justice told all the Judges and staff members in an email Monday that all the Corona virus posters which explained in English and Spanish  how to preve

Censorship Trend What is Laura Lynn's Silence while She Finds Things in Life?

Human Crisis      Censorship Trend Censorship Trend 2020 What is Laura Lynn's Silence while She Finds Things in Life ? Veronica Davis 3/3/2020 Do you know where your children are all the time? Censorship has been the trend I have tried to avoid for many reasons. The first one lies with the truth, there are way too many victims. In an information age surge, exchanging information is our freedom. Jesus Christ told us there, to expose everything occult and hidden.  A few years ago, I was watching Laura Lynn at the 700 club Christian show. I often wondered where she went, why was she replaced from the show? Today I found out.  It is always the woman who love our children first because naturally God gave us that natural ability to give birth. But in this compelling story that Laura Lynn has brought to the surface there is much to think about. What would Yahweh Elohim Yeshua Jesus Christ Say? When I wrote this book, I thought of the title before I even knew the story behind it

Maxime Bernier People's Party accused of Conspiracy Theory and Red Pill Agenda

Deception Agenda Trend:  People's Party PPC accused of Conspiracy Theories By Journalist by Veronica Davis (August 19, 2019) Conspiracy Theories and Red Pill what does it mean in this time and age? Will the People Party head to MP votes. On Sunday, Canada's People's Party Maxime Bernier says to journalists,  ' He is here to win'  says Bernier  at Quebec convention. The question of conspiracy theory by journalist was brought up and Bernier responded in the most upright way. Irrelevant questions like why he is not at the pride parade were asked. Five hundred members united yesterday they stated that  PC leader, Andrew Scheer was backing Islamist extremists and it should be part of the discussion as those are not Canadian values. Christianity place a huge role when learning more about the new PPC.   There is a truth that needs to be brought to light in the direction that Canada is heading and no one is talking about. The PPC respects and so far is