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March Trends 2021

March 2021 Trends Human Crisis    Cancel Culture Trend    Retailers Closing Trend Climate Chaos Trend    Meteor Trend    Asteroid Trend    Fireball Trend     Volcano Eruption Trend  Health Benefits Trend   Retailers Closing Trend: The Hudson Bay 500 Store Closure 2021-03-25 Related Trends:  Retail Apocalypse    The Global Reset Trend     Cancel Culture Trend     If it is not the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic that is making the retail stores closure it is not so. The retail Apocalypse has been falling, it is almost as if the Great Reset happened more than a couple of years ago. The truth is that companies are no longer sustainable. And as Jesus Christ said not a stone will stand when he spoke of the Temple during his time alive. This also has plenti to say about companies that had have originally had their roots in North America.  It is almost as if the companies that were first established in Canada and th