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Strange Phoenix Lights

Strange Lights over Phoenix Arizona November 16, 2017 Thousands witnessed strange unexplained lights all around the world. But the most trending online were the Phoenix strange Lights . The Weather Network reported on Nov 15, 2017 the strange lights calling them a meteor. WOW: Meteor streak caught on cam across Phoenix sky 142,740 views What were the Strange Lights over Phoenix Arizona 8:30 pm Local Time Tuesday Nov 14, 2017 Night. STRANGE LIGHTS DECEND OVER PHOENIX & TURN NIGHT 'BRIGHT WHITE'— Some Say Meteor, UFO, High-Tech SAP Pastor Dave's Channel The Coming Harpazo Fireball Races Across Phoenix Sky! Was It A Meteor? On October 18, 2017 Other Strange Unidentified Object Floats on the Arizona Skies On October 13, 2017 Strange lights in the sky over Phoenix AZ August 2017