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The New Place We Humans Live in, Should we Be Getting Used To it?

Should We Be Getting Used To it? August 26, 2022   trends     floods     fire     snow It is not new to hear as it was predicted by visions and messages from the celestial messages of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Should we get used to the new weather patterns strangely enough in odd parts of the world? While last year Spain explained of their chemtrails made of vaccines, other places look like the letter x in the skies. What is supposed to be a desert became torrential rain. Such as in places like the UAE in  the last days of July 2022 and in Texas in the last days of the month in August. Or what about Las Vegas, Nevada Where there is no snow is now snowing for the second year in a row in the same month of August such as in South Africa. Rocks are falling landslides in California, United States or in  Vancouver,  Canada and avalanches in Alaska, Mexico or in Switzerland. Most SCARY  rockfalls, landslides and avalanches caught on camera by the unbelievable published on youtube  Au