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Strange Trend Last Week of November 2018 Animal Deaths, and Evil Attacks on Humanity

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 Strange Trend Last Week of November 2018 Animal Deaths, and Evil Attacks on Humanity2018-11-28

#pilotwhales #massstranding #stewartisland 

Animals acting wild as the weather is changing all around the world. We are entering an ice age. We are also in a climatic weather pattern disaster. Something evil is being sprayed in the Air? How can one tell animals aggression and deaths are both on the rise. Right this very week November 2018, Animals survival is at its prime as a result of climate change which is dipping into chaos. Animals must be perceiving that the end is near? On November 24, 2018 hundreds of  whales were rescued off the Coast of Stewart island. On November 27 2018 hundreds of bats had to…

Strange Trends: Laser Technology Out of Control

The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”. John 3:8

Strange Trends: Laser Technology Out of Control. 2017-10-20 9:00 am updated 8:22 pm

Hashtags #engineering #technology #climatechaos #earthquakes #lasertechonology #notnaturalmanmade #nationagainstnation #landscapephotography #wildlifephotography
What is the agenda of the wicked, killing humanity, the animal kingdom, countries etc. Please follow and subscribe on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter or by subscribing at the top left button.

No folks looking at the evidence (watch all videos below) presented one can only speculate that it is technology that is out there ready to get the innocent. It is "their" secret agenda created by a secretive nation that so far is unknown. However it is only a matter of time it will be exposed.

Killing Humanity and the animal kingdom and nature is not as easy as it seems. It…