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Food Justice Trend

#foodjusticemarch  The Food Justice trend is a popular trend where the public fights back against foods poisoning society. The food labeling trend is the future and it will help us choose what we eat. Food companies will be seen in a different perspective. Related topics The Depopulation Trend     #foodjusticemarch is an educational and awareness organization primarily started by stay at mom mothers. The #foodjusticemarch goal is to have governments start labeling foods with GMO and Roundup labels. Tami Monroe Canal marches against the round up producing company called Monstanto. See Tammy in interview Tami Monroe Canal, the founder of March Against Monsanto talks about the end of monsanto as we know it. The Fall of Monstanto Published on May 14, 2015 Alex Jones talks with Anthony Gucciardi about the victories we are winning against Monsanto.