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Retailers Closing Trend Le Chateau

A Kingdom Divided Can not Stand By Veronica Davis October 23 2020 Canada was never known for fashion. People in Central America assumed no one lived up North. When I first arrived here they were right. As i grew up as a teenager i was the odd one buying vogue magazines at twelve.  Why? Because the magazines were right there infront of the Grocerie line up right next to the cashier. Years later i noticed Le Chateau retail store in my neighbourhood. The trendiest store in the had to look like a model to work here. The sizes were so small. That was in 1990. Looking forward. Fashion was a small industry here in Winnipeg.  A Kingdom divided cannot stand. Eventhough if it tries. Fashion  Kingdoms and Fashion dynasties come and go. Le Chateau were one of the leading fashion houses before fashion even existed in Canada. A 60 year old retail company filing for bankruptcy today. I guess it does not look that bad when it is during a pandemic right? Le Chateau means the castl