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Monsterous Irma Wipes Keywest

MEGATRNDZ > News  > Weather > Hurricane Irma : Monsterous Irma Wipes Keywest Monsterous Irma Wipes  2017-09-10- 4:48 am  Live Feed Looks like Keywest, Florida has been desperately hit hard by the Hurricane Irma. The National Hurricane Center has reported the winds dropping about 7 miles per hour to 7 hours per hour now from the Cuban territory waters yesterdays. What does that mean. There will be more destruction as it slowly currently makes landfall the eye of the storm. 5:00 AM EDT Sun Sep 10 Location: 24.1°N 81.5°W Moving: NW at 8 mph Min pressure: 928 mb Max sustained: 130 mph The Keywest Live Feed has been off now for several hours now. However find, watch live feeds of last minute selfies on the southern most part of the United States, Keywest, Fl At around 1 to 2:40 pm on Saturday late afternoon people were still taking videos of the Hurricane Irma Waves as the eye of the storm was located in Cuba. One of the last feeds reported were at 6:20 p

Dangerous Hurricane Irma Live Feeds

With our Lord's protection   may all the citizens of Florida and Cuba bring peace in a moment of turmoil. Live Feeds Hurricane Irma 2017-09-09 7 pm update 8:50 pm As Hurricane Irma has killed hundreds of people in the Atlantic Ocean, hidden islands off the map and now heads landfall to the United States all while you are asleep tonight. Just a week ago, Irma's hurricane gfs models showed it was heading about now to Philadelphia, and New York Coastlines, now it has taken a westward turn to the Tampa Area, and the state of Georgia. Hurricane Irma will go down in history as a catastrophic  and alarming natural disaster of all time. Not to mention the amount to fish life that will probably die once it is done. Now what to expect, will Hurricane Jose be as dangerous. Terrified and Concerned Evacuated Citizen of South Florida watch live feeds aroun the area as the worst Hurricane Irma a Category 5 approaches bringing floods this evening and destruction next. HURRIC

Hurricane Irma Can Be Cat 5

follow megatrndz on  twitter ,  facebook ,  youtube  and google plus  Breaking News:  The Largest Asteroid Florence passed this morning by the Planet Earth Hurricane Lydia is heading to California before Cabos, Mexico Alarming Speeds Heading to North Carolina Cat 5 projecting Hurricane Irma published Sept 2, 2017 Hurricane Irma Can Be a Cat 5  Published Sept 1, 2017 11:29 am Updated 12:49 pm version en espanol Keep Eyes Wide Open Hurricane Irma Cat 5 NY by megatrndz published Sept 1, 2017 Because of the devastation and concern the sleepy planet ( U.S ), it is leading the world by example. The world is waking up. And so before Hurricane Irma becomes a nightmare for some, the eyes wide open are on Hurricane Irma. The aim of this news tip is to ask questions and simply save lives. Start making the calls to the right districts of your area if the imminent threat is there. Start emergency preparing with family, neighbors near or far. Even if it does not make landfall.