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Cascadia Subduction Zone Prediction Trend

May 22, 2016 Update Subduction Zone Earthquakes are the biggest earthquakes in the world. One continent plate sliding under the other. Seven Million people will be affected from California to Vancouver says John Shorey. They say that the warning will be in 15 minutes. Folks remember Fort McMurray Fire on May 1, 2016. The Fort McMurray Canadian fellows had 30 minutes read further on megatrndz is picking up on the massive exodus trends occurring all around the world. Today over 500,000 people are doing the latest massive exodus in India due to the El Nino so "they" say! Read about it on the Big Wobble Sunday, 22 May 2016 500,000 evacuated as Cyclone Roanu smashes into Bangladesh: Death toll more than a hundred with many more missing On March 7, 2016  wrote last on the Cascadia Subduction Zone Prediction Trend here is what it last had to say: A much to talk  trend is the Cascadia Subduction Zone PredictionTrend. A 72 year overdue disaster to hap