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Uruguay Faces Climate Change

  Climate Chaos      Climate Change   Unexplained Trends      Strange Trends     Laser Trends     Full Moon     Bridge Collapsing Trend   Human Crisis Trend     Targeted Individual Trend Uruguay Faces Climate Change 2021-07-22 #COP24  #Geoengineering #solargeoengineering #diamonddust #smartdust #smartagriculture #OceanAcidification What is happening in the Ocean waters near the Uruguay's coastlines that has caused strange climatic activity for the past month. High Tides and High Winds has brought Foam from the Ocean in the coast lines of Piriápolis , Maldonado; Uruguay. On June 28 reports of Extratropical Cyclone reaching in Punta del Este and Piriapolis. Fallen trees, columns and electric tendons are the partial balance of the extratropical cyclone that very strongly touched land on the east coast of the country. By mid day Piriapolis  had some breakage in canopy and posters on the Piriápolis rambla due to strong wind gusts. There was also power outage in Playa Hermosa and Pla