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Environmentalist Activists Celebrities Trend

Follow Megatrndz Facebook   Twitter  Google + Leonardo DiCaprio Continues Fighting Global Warming 2016-12-08 Fighting Climate Change is a much talked about topic , and now its being put to action. Ivanka Trump has received new guests now that her father is the President of the United States. It does not take long before the tables start changing hopefully for the best. Rising Sea Levels and Cabon Dioxide can be a global reversal change that may have to start with the Governments. Human Activity and Corporate Decision Making and Governments sitting at the same table should be the next course of action. Leonardo DiCaprio wastes no time and is a top leader when it comes to his foundation called the LDF. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundations is what is currently making actor and climate change activist Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation shine like a star. His latest agenda is to keep  Ivanka Trump busy with prioritizing and preserving environmental jobs for the United States. https:

Environmentalist Activists Celebrities Trend

July 4, 2016 Celebrities are taking action and creating environmental awareness on different issues affecting the planet today and around the world. It is an excellent mixture of money and power and cleaning up after the mess. A well recently documented film about fracking fight going global called " Dear President Obama" celebrities such as Mark Ruffalo take a stand to the streets of New York see and read more here . Another celebrity   seen in the film  walking through the streets of New York  is Leonardo DiCaprio. While it is not 100% sure that it is him under the hat, his conviction for being an environmental activist sustains. In 2014, Leonardo DiCaprio has begun his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation now moving on to its 2nd annual gala. While there are reports of Leonardo DiCaprio being a hollywood hypocrite or puppet nonetheless the fight for Earth Changes is here. The latest news media  entitled "LEO DICAPRIO INVITES A-LIST FRIENDS TO TAKE 6,000-MILE FLIGHT TO GL