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Personal Shopping Trend during Pandemic

 Personal Shopping Trend Quarantine Time After Bruxxels Trip Sunday October 18 2020 Direct link After traveling back from Bruxxels(Brussels) Belgium I did not expect quarantine next. I am very blessed to not be sick after my trip. But the 14 day mandatory quarantine was unexpected. I mean we are in a pandemic and eventhough, wearing the masks all over in airport, airplane and some streets in Belgium ie. Europe was a sign that we are in a pandemic..My insticts told me we were not. Bizzare eh? The pandemic has made us in quarantine think know think different. Like buying food...I searched for groceries delivery and called around. Safeway did not deliver. I gave up. Calling directly to some restaurants left me in hang ups. Pizza hut and Subway restaurant did not due their diligence never picking up the phone only to hang up in the end. But back home I ordered groceries direct from a store such as Save on Foods. The