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Human Crisis: 5G, Electrical Transformers and Pipelines Explosions Worldwide

2019-01-26 Spirit Cooking may not just be a disgusting ancient pagan ritual we have not missed their next disgusting move the spirit cooking on humanity of 5G. It is not too late to say no to advanced technology. Best thing to do is to live in the country where there is fresh air and no big brother. Are we living in the end days. When I see people running in flames all for a gallon of Gasoline tell me we are very close to the end days if not we  are already in it. When you see the videos below it all starts quiet until total destruction takes place, through the inferno all i could hear were the voices of the living souls begging for their souls not to go through damnation. How much did this people who lost their lives on January 18 2019 in Tlahuelilpan, Hidalgo Mexico actually value their lives. Now let us look more Yahweh gave them all. They were not handicapped. They were not blind. They were  not alone and lost. They were lovers of self. If they would have h

Secret Space Weather California 2018 Continues What is it?

secret space program    laser trends     weather manipulation      Project Blue Beam   targeted individuals       mk ultra   targeted individuals       Microwave weapon   Socio Economic Trend     Socio Political Trend     Censorship Trend       Bullying Trend       Mocking Trend       Peace Deal Talk Trend   Account Suspension Trend     Human Crisis Trend Secret Space Weather  California 2018  2018-11-19 by Veronica Davis #laserweapons #secretspaceprogram #heatwave #Satellites #DEWs #EMR #HAARP #5G #Chemtrails #WeatherWarfare #GeoEngineering #Depopulation Directed Energy Weapons , Agenda 21, Depopulation Agenda, Malibu California Fires  Paradise Fires Secret space weather ever heard of it. Well its been a subject that has been surfacing by corporate leaders since August 2011. So why have we not been hearing about it in the public. Because it is a term that has only been introduced to help those understand how it will fit in the Agenda 21.  So what