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Jacobean Embroidery Trend

Jacobean Embroidery Popular Trend Emma Thomson looking fabolus in the Jacobean Embroidery  Flower on her  top at the Screening for the Beauty and the Beast in Paris. It was delightful to see a woman wear pants for the occasion. An up close look at the Jacobian flower embroidery from #ODLRFall17 . — Oscar de la Renta (@OscardelaRenta) February 27, 2017 . @EmmaWatson looking flawless in #ODLRFall17 at the screening of Beauty and the Beast in Paris — Oscar de la Renta (@OscardelaRenta) February 27, 2017 Beautiful Nature Motifs from the 17 Century. Did the Oscar de la Renta designer play with numbers by recreating the Jacobean motif trend again in the 17th year of the century. It was noted in Wikipedia : Jacobean embroidery refers to embroidery styles that flourished in the reign of King James I of England in first quarter of the 17th century. The term is usually used today to describe a form of crewel

Fashion Worn Politics Trend

Spring Fashion Trend 2017  FASHION WORN POLITICS F ashion worn politics is a new trend. Should we be concerned. Not really. It is becoming the new trend to express your political agenda, the only difference its on you. Fashion designers are starting to show it on the runaway. We are all diversified individuals and fashion should have a sense of humor and style. Watch Singer Joy Villa Tells all to Infowars about her dress worn and how she promoted Donald Trump phrase "Make America Great Again!". As seen below: Joy Villa Tells All to Infowars posted by Alex Jones In next video posted by fashion blogger Katie, entitled " Fashion Week Trends & Best Runway Shows 2017! " StealTheSpotlight StealTheSpotlight she notices that the New York fashionistas all over the front row seats were making their political states on their worn black and white tees. Fashion Week Trends & Best Runway Shows 2017! StealTheSpotlight StealTheSpotlight

The Eucharist

The Faith Behind The Eucharist What is the Eucharist? The Eucharist is made of  Bread received at Catholic Church for those whom have faith in Jesus Christ. Where is the Eucharist Made? The youngsters can not receive the Eucharist until they have received their Holy Communion. The Holy Communion is a yearly celebration of the Holy Catholic Church. Children as young as nine years old can receive for the first time the Eucharist. The Priest of the the Holy Catholic Church is the first one who gives the Eucharist by hand to the Catholic Believer during Mass. For the ill that are bedridden can receive their Eucharist for a Catholic Priest at their request. By Hand The Priest gives the Faithful the Bread in their Mouth or in the both folded Palm of their Hand. Who Created The Eucharist? Jesus Christ Performs The First Eucharist Our Lord, Jesus Christ performed the first Eucharist in front of this 12 Apostles. Jesus Christ taught his 12 Aportles how to do the Eucharist when

Angels Trend

The Sacred Book of the Bible Describes Best Angels Angel bearing a cross by Ercole Ferrata, with the inscription “cujus principatus super humerum eius” ("the government shall be upon his shoulder", Isaiah 9:16), eastern side of the Ponte Sant'Angelo à Rome. Angels and Seraphs are human being figures with wings described in the Bible throughout the ancient scriptures.  Angels are described over 300 times in the New and Old Testament in the Bible. Angels are the messengers from the creator, when God wants to deliver a special event to an earth bound person. Throughout history Angels have been made into sculptures and paintings. Angels are seen in dreams .  The Good Angels are messengers of God. Angels have different names in the Bible such as Angels, Seraphs, Seraphim. Angels have many wings and have deliver a diversity of words each time they appear. The Angels are Celestial Orchestras and choirs. What happened to the humans were we suppose to have wings.

Creation of Heaven and Earth

Genesis 1 In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth. What does the Bible refer to the heavens. Does it mean another dimension that we can not see and or does it mean the moon the stars, the planets that are seen and not yet seen through the human eye. Genesis 1:2 And the earth was formless and void and darkness was over the surface of the deep; and the Spirit of God was  moving over the surface of the waters. In the Genesis 1:2 one can learn so much in just the phrase earth was formless and void. Since the Bible begins with the first Part called Genesis , it's very starting point begins with the  description of Earth. It does not continue to mention anything about heaven. To which Heaven, the skies up above or the heaven not seen through the realm of our virtual reality or what the human eye can see infront of us. It is important the take our critical thinking to another level. The level on the surface is taking the literal meaning. The words should