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Not Everyone is with the Pope

Not Everyone is with The Pope 11/21/2019 The world is already in a crisis and there may be no world war but the silence of not being one is being paid for by the AI system. So Not everyone is with the Pope of Rome, the Nuns, and Priests around the World are speaking up. Below you will hear videos where the Global Impact and the Pachamama Idols are not Christian. But we do not need that to come from the Church because Yahweh Elohim Yeshua Jesus Christ already told us as it was written in the Sacred Bible centuries before. Pope's Proposal for "new humanism" would wipe out Christianity.

Migrant Invasion Extreme Shock in Spain 2050 New World Order

  Climate Chaos Trend     Fireball Trend    Volcano Eruption Trend   Asteroid Trend   Q Anon Trend  Biological Weapon Trend      False Missile Alert Trend   Sinkhole Trend    Unusual Earthquake Trend       Laser Technology Trend     Direct Energy Weapon Trend     Emp Attack Trend   Climate Change Trend      Tectonic Plates Moving Continent Trend    Continental Drift Trend     Island Disappearing Trend    Human Crisis Trend    The False Prophet Trend        Blackout Trend    Weather Warfare Trend  The A.I Trend   Evacuation Order Trend       CME Trend  Chem trail Trend     Atmospheric Geoengineering Trend     Weather Manipulation Trend         Account Suspension Trend       Migrant Invasion Extreme Shock in Spain 2050 New World Order   2018-12-21 Agenda 21     Agenda 2030      Agenda 2050   UN Global Pact 56 million people will be migrants buy 2030 according to the EU The people in Spain are in extreme shock how fast the main stream news