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Celestial Event: Meteor That Hit India

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February 2020

Meteor Trend  Feb 13 2020  2/15/2020
The news report in India have called the meteor falling on the Earth as  a celestial event. At around 5:11 in the morning a meteorite fell in  Itarana Industrial area in Alwar, Rajasthan. No damage was reported on the ground on Tuesday.

Unusual Earthquake Trend  Feb 13 2020 Russia 7.0 Magnitude 9:17 am 2/13/2020

What is going on in the Northern part of Sea of Okhotsk?

Four hours ago, Russia has had an unusual dangerous area. Worldwide the Earthquakes are getting larger, and now Russia has a deep earthquake being reported as a 7 magnitude . What is happening in that region? Are there any volcanoes in that region? Is this something more than just a natural Earthquake?

Yesterday over a 24 hour period, there were 9 out of the top 20 earthquakes with a 10 km depth Earthquake. What does it mean? It is an earthquake …

Climate Chaos Mysterious Space Rock Target Cuba

Celestial Event Trend: Over 40 Fireballs seen in Past 24 Hours

Celestial Event Trend: Over 40 Fireballs seen in Past 24 Hours Tuesday 2017-11-21 11:00 am
#Fireball # Meteorite #Asteroid Trend

It has been a little more over a week since November 14- 21, 2017 over 8 days now since the evening skies was lit around the Globe.

The Earth is no longer what it used to be. The reports of fireballs seen falling from the sky have been reported since probably first creation. Is it a Fireball, Meteorite or an Asteroid. Whatever,it is becoming a more frequent event hard to miss and a mostly talked event for the past two weeks. We may be exiting the meteor showers season but should humanity be concerned.

Currently we are in the Leonids meteor showers:

Occurs during November 6 – November 30[2] Date of peak November 17[2]

The Sacred Bible warns us of their being Signs in the Sky Genesis 1:14

Over the past 24 hours there has been reports of at least 40.
To find out more on the celestial event calendar we are experiencing today go to the Meteor Shower Calendar.