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Antarctica Wave Activity Sundays 11 AM

Antarctica Wave Activity Sundays 11 AM Scotia Sea2017  10-22 update 12:52 pm
Stay Tune this evening to find out where the mystery of the zero degree ocean waters point to.

South Pole, South Atlantic Ocean Waters, Scotia Sea where there are melting points of zero in three distinct areas as seen in the picture below.

What lies between the melting points? We will look into a deeper view of what lies in between this mysteries anomaly in the Southern Atlantic Ocean Waters at the Scotia Sea

This Sunday looking at the Artarctica Waves Activity October 22, 2017 is a fun and very real model that if we can looking at what is going on the ocean water we can obtain more information then some governments do not want to publish. So on to the second Sunday and collecting information where the ice starts moving and where it does not move at all. It is assumed where there is no wave movement the water is slushie or frozen. For those of us that live in the Northern Hemisphere and are famil…