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Celestial Trend: Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021

Celestial Trend: Solar Eclipse June 10, 2021 Solar Winds are occurring at  437 km per second Asteroids passing by right over our heads. There shall be signs in the Moon and the Stars.and on the Earth dismay among Nations in perplexity at the roaring of the sea and the waves .. .then they shall see the Son of Man Luke 21:25 How much will the  Solar Eclipse affect the tides. Australia is getting ready for a blizzard where animals can freeze to death. Prior Eclipses S olar Eclipse August 21, 2017   July 22, 2017 A lot has happened this week. Take for example, in the Toronto, Ryerson University received a blow to the head as the Cancel Culture targeted a statue this past weekend. Then there was the multiple of accidents occurring in North York, Ontario where pedestrian are no longer feeling safe anymore. A whole family was killed as a car hit and killed a Muslim family.  Trudeau is calling it a terrorist attack but when the police is targeting Catholics, Christian and Jewish community is n