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Cern Trend

Join in the conversation join google + follow Megatrndz The Cern Trend  The Day of Atonement or Judgement Day, Yom Kippur, Day of Abaddan, Apollyion, Appolyon and Appolion ( Greek) ,  the Abyss all trends believed to take place on the September 23, 2015. Appollo a greek of death and pestelance as well as the Sun, Revelation 9:11, the king of Locust or grasshoppers described on Revelation 9:3-10, The sounding of the fifth trumpet in heaven. The trend is correlated with the Cern Collider. Cern is a mega machine that has been connected to opening up hell or a mega pit. Cern is a mega machine that has been around since 1954.   Location of CERN Collider Wikipedia defines CERN as the European Organization for Nuclear Research. There are over 22 countries that have membership and agree to this mega machine being built underground. The LHC tunnel is located apparently 100 metres underground in Geneva Internation Airport and the nearby Jura mountains. Countries Involved