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Q Files Trend

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Q Files  Trend2017-12-27

Who is Playing the Q GAME? Is it a collective revolutionary game?

This Month theBlackOut Trend: Are We Seeing the Dark Nowbegan as Strange  Events began to unravel one after another. Brings Followers of reading between the lines and seeing in the dark brings a strong front to the true meaning in the words of many.

One very interesting food for thought, on november 17, 2017 "Q Clearance Patriot #4chan #QAnon Drops — The Coming Storm & Reconstituted Revolution #Oligarchicid":

the person claiming to have Q clearance by the way Q clearance for those of you who do not know Q clearance as defined by Wikipedia is a United States Department of Energy of energy security clearance that is roughly comparable to a US Department of Defense top-secret clearance with a se…