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What is freedom for One is not for the Other #IStandWithAdam

  November 2020 Trends Human Crisis Trend: Economy Breakdown #IStandwithAdam    Election Fraud Trend:  U.S Elections 2020 Children of Darkness Trend :  Vigano    Climate Chaos Trend :  Hurricane Storm Eta and Iota Human Crisis Trend: Economy Breakdown #IStandwithAdam Veronica Davis 2020-11-27 #pharmakeia #pan #sorcery #babylon #IStandwithAdam There is no fear in love but perfect love cast out fear. 1 John 4:18 We are the Watchers. Around the world  people were protesting for just about everything that bothered them last year. But now there has been a role reversal just who is on the streets and what exactly are they demanding?  Not since the p andemic of 2020 people have began to question freedom.  This question is a relevant one since not many people think it is a question to ask. So where is our freedom heading? There are those that say it is heading to a dictatorship while others say it is becoming like the communist society. But Canadian economy is heading to nowher