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#STAYHOME worldwide news megatrndz

1 Peter 2:13- Psalms 91

#stayhome #yomequedoencasa
#stayhome covid-19 is a human crisis. Five year old children are getting the covid-19.  Do not disobey parents and authorities .

The United States maintains its spot to number one for having most cases worldwide. Canada is not in the top 13. China is now holding the sixth spot for having covid-19 as of April 4, 2020. 
Children face uncertainty over when they will be in school. Education worldwide will become at home as countries around the World are stating different returning dates in most place 'indefinitely'.
United States and Canada
People receiving emergency alerts on their homes to stay at home.
Miami, United States
Kids will not be going to school until December 2020 ...possibly. RECTA FINAL 1 por el Roeh Dr. Javier Palacios Celorio EN VIVO 7 PM
Last Minute Groceries
Countries worldwide are still trying to get their groceries places like Barbados and Ecuador do not follow social distance in s…

Strange Animal Behaviour Trebd -Coronavirus Lock down effects on animals

Strange Animal Behaviour Trend -Coronavirus Lock Down Effects on Animals  Veronica Davis 4/4/2020

Naturally animals  run away where there is too much noise.
While it was not long ago the streets were filled with events of climate chaos being on the verge of destruction then this. This video is a reminder that although animals can hide in times of danger they are alarmed at the amount of quietness. They are wondering where did all the people go. Not knowing that we, humans have a home to hide, in times of danger.

APRIL 2020
April 4 Seals, Coyotes by ThinkbigMedia '#Corona Lockdown Effect On Animals |Animals Got Freedom With Lockdown #lockdowneffectonanimals'

April 4 Coronavirus Lock down effects on animals (Part-2) by Nature Connection

April 4 UAE, Whales, Canada, India Coronavirus effects on Animals during Lockdown by I see

April 3 Elephant Patrolling On Street During Lock Down l Wild Elephants Enjoying Empty Streets On Lockdown by I see

Apr 3 2020 Santiago Puma Pumas on …