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Prophecy Trend Abraham Accord RIP Irvin Baxter

Prophecy Trend Abraham Accord RIP Irvin Baxter by Veronica Davis 2020-11-03 A special post today because today we lost a special Bible Prophecy Brother founder of  End Times Prophecy Irvin Baxter.  Irvin Baxter was a man of God, a genius that understood the Prophecies of the Bible. He started a Bible Prophecy University in Israel. His brother in law announced today that he lost his battle with Covid-19 at 12:30 pm today. It was just 12 days ago he was discussing about the debates.  The most important part is that many will be focusing and paying attention to his recent prophecies Abraham Accord. He recognized how important it was for Sudan to join and normalize relations with Israel thus President Trump. Irvin points out the importance on his last show, twelve days ago he said, 'The third Arab country to join the Abraham Accords'. End Times Prophecy is also constantly victims of censorship. The Election Through the Eyes of Bible Prophecy by End Times Prophecy Open lines 104 Oct

boarded up civil unrest preparation

November 3 2020 Boarded Up Trend a day of civil unrest is what America is preparing? The American presidential elections in 2020 is today November 3. However people are preparing with fear? So will it be an exaggeration? Back in July Everyone spoke of the second wave trend in October before it happened. Now the Great reset trend was planned and a social spoken trend before it happened. The fear preparation only happened bedore a climate chaos such as hurricanes. Now the boarded up trend is another new already spoken social trend. It is like straight out of a horror movie. The purge has always occured in October November. Watch video play list below Men heart will grow cold. This is a prophcey Jesus Christ made when the Disciples asked of his second return. There is no Fear in love 1 John 18:23 Apostle John said it and it is true where love abides there is no room for fear.