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Auroras and Northern Lights Trends

MEGATRNDZ > News > Space Weather>  Solar Disturbances >  How Safe are Auroras? Share the Love Pics of the Day Polar Bear Cubs — Life on Earth (@planetepics) September 29, 2017 — Life on Earth (@planetepics) September 29, 2017 Dis My Rubber Ducky... — Life on Earth (@planetepics) September 29, 2017  How Safe are Auroras?  2017-09-29- 5:33 pm  #auroras #solar winds #earthsdisturbances #geomagneticstorms #ionisphere For the month of  September 2017 the Sun has been acting out sending all kinds of mixed messages on Earth and in other Planets. In September 8, 2017 there was a Level 4 magnetic storm which was the highest solar ejection since 2008. Read Angry Sun Angry Ira  Are Auroras even safe to watch. Auroras are disturbances from the Sun not a heavenly event. It is a "cloud of charged particles" reaching our Eart