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Instagram Trends

Can Instagram Create  a Trend? August 31, 2017 9:41 pm
Can Instagram Create a Trend. Anyone ask themselves why even instagram was created. It is an interesting thought to ponder on. Instagram is all about photography. So although it may be about photography it may not create a trend. There are several reasons why. Just because we like a photograph does not mean anything. Instagram is all about creating followers and getting and receiving likes. Perhaps building a fan base for whatever cause. So it may be like a moving vehicle to get us to an actual location. But the vehicle is there to get the viewer somewhere. The instagram viewers still have to get out of the car. So the instagram viewer does not make the choice  of what the viewer does afterwards. So what we do once we get out of the car is what matters.  Instagram being viewed as the car is the best example. The trend occurs after the viewer gets out of the car (instagram).

Similar to baiting people online  published Feb 17, 2011


Top Viral Videos Hurricane Harvey

Top Amazing Viral Videos of Hurricane Harvey Disaster August 31, 2017 5:32 pm updated 6:46 pm
Just a word for the readers, the videos that have been put out with animals, notice their fear. When animals appear to us, it is to warn us about something. Notice the Hawk or the Deers that appear in the videos came one on August 25, 2017 ( Harvey the Hawk), ( alligators) and the other August 26, 2017 (the family of deers ). Animals are more in tune with nature and are spiritual creatures.

Houston Highways and Airport Flooded Houston under water Hurricane Harvey #Houston 1,903,873 views 3K 872 SHARE

Live TV Water Rescue - Houston Flood 2016 1,464,477 views 3K 250 Shares

Historic Floods Hit Houston as Hundreds Rescued from Water | NBC Nightly News 1,435,559 views 7K 800 SHARE

Over Seven Hundred Thousand Views Since Hurricane Harvey

So adorable, where is the mama deer?
Woman doesn’t close backdoor as storm nears, is stunned when she finds 3 baby deer inside 786,999 views

Over 600, 000 v…

600.000 víctimas indocumentadas del huracán Harvey

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 Dime Con Quien Andas Te Voy a Decir Quien Eres

#SB4 Updated August 31, 2017 7:07 pm

El jefe de la policía de Houston Texas dice " dime con quien andas te voy a decir quien eres" y tambien dice que la ley lo proteje no es esijido responder a los officiales si uno esta aqui illegalmente.

El jefe de la policía en Houston tx da importante información sobre la nueva ley 42,159 views
Hoy Agosto 31, 2-17 El Jues de Texas SB4 temporario para SB4 eso ayuda a la jente salir y tener ayuda. 

Las Noticias de la mañana, jueves 31 de agosto de 2017 | Noticiero | Noticias Telemundo 17,378 views

VICTORY! Judge has temporarily blocked racist SB4 from taking place in Texas! ✊️ #SB4IsHate

We are #HereToStay! — United We Dream (@UNITEDWEDREAM) August 31, 2017
El juez Federal Orlando García detiene la implementación de la ley SB4 en Texas 1,636 views

600.000 víctimas indocumentadas …

600,000 undocumented victims of Hurricane Harvey

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600,000 undocumented victims of Hurricane Harvey
2017-08-30 8:00 pm

I am Ready for DACA! Are You! #readyfordapa I will defend immigrant, DACA and TPS
What if you were an illegal immigrant and in the Houston flood waters are rising and are you ready to die or get help from the Texas Navy? With nowhere to go that is the story of thousand of people stranded in the dirty Houston waters fearing from becoming the next victim of Hurricane Harvey. And so from Democracy now, Juan Gonzalez reports on this issue , listen to below August 30, 2017 Democracy Now video :

President Trump could announce as early as today that he will end the deffered action childhood arrivals program known as DACA. Which provides legal status for some 85,000 Houston residents nearly 800,000 thousand people nation wide without the status many residents will be unable to work, and rebuild after the storm. This comes after Texas Attorney General Ken Packson…

Best Tweets Hurricane Harvey

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Best and Worst Tweets during Hurricane Harvey 
2017-08-30 12:30pm

Texas is not just getting flooded with water but viewers worldwide are getting flooding with emotional and caring thoughts and prayers. 
So far there are desperate tweeter feeds reports of crime, triumph, victims and rescues for Hurricane Harvey residents in Houston Texas

Most Heart Felt Tweed
The sadden diving team  from the HCSOTexas has not reported deaths as of an hour ago or noon time today .
We are sad to report we have found a van inundated by Greens Bayou flooding while purportedly carrying 6 family members Sunday. — HCSOTexas (@HCSOTexas) August 30, 2017

Most Heartless Tweet Found

Heartless, International Corporation Best Buy you just may go down in history for worst apology. Actual reports of Best Buy selling water to desperate Houston victims instead of opening doors. The news become so heartless that it was tweeted…

Geoengineering Hurricane Harvey

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Is Hurricane Harvey Geoengineering
2017-08-30 11:50am

There are several videos popping out of the internet, for geoengineering Hurricane Harvey So it is said , that King David would cast away demons when he played his harp. Has anyone heard of Haarp. If not you have alot ot catch up with. What about Atlantis. Has anyone heard Atlantis people were so advanced it is said that they created a catastrophy by manipulating the weather. Makes a little more sense now.
Find other information on megatrndz about geo engineering, or weather warfare, weather modification, or climate change. Find tags on megatrndz website to find more selective topics
 But are we just scratching the surface read actual website
Recent videos that have reached the top of the surface of the internet or brain supercomputer find
are youtubers

aclysm: Hurricane Harvey ( Dane Wigingto…

De América a China Japón Mala Ingeniería o catástrofe

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De América a China Japón Mala Ingeniería o Catástrofe Sunday 2017-08-27 19:47:53 UTC english version

revisado en español 2017-08-30 7:50 am

Es domingo 27 de agosto 2017, 19:47:53 UTC El Supervolcano Yellowstone continúa sacudiendo el sonajero y el rollo, el último 14km NNE de Yellowstone del oeste, Montana con una serie de otros terremotos más pequeños. Apenas recientemente, 11 cañones magníficos en el tamaño de magma que va abajo de cerca de 30 kilómetros se han encontrado debajo del parque de Yellowstone. California sigue sacudiendo también el sonajero y el rollo.
Con una combinación de la eclipse solar el 21 de agosto de 2017 y los lanzamientos de misiles en el mar de Japón, los desastres siguen.
Los misiles causan desastres ambientales

¿Dónde aterrizan misiles? Misiles aterrizan en el agua matando la vida del océano. Si un misil aterriza en tierra mata a la gente, y la vida animal alrededor de ella.
Japantimes 2016 


El Misil Ejecutado El Interceptado

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El Misil Ejecutado El Interceptado 2017-08-30 7:30 am  english version

Las últimas noticias de la Defensa de Misiles de los Estados Unidos tomadas de August 30, 2017 6:30 am  tweet @MissileDefAdv:

La Defensa de Misiles y la Agencia y los marineros de la Marina de EE.UU. US John Paul Jones (DD3 53)  realizó con éxito una prueba compleja de vuelo de misiles que resultó en el intersepto del objetivo de misiles balísticos de alcance medio (MRBM) usando un misil estándar (misil 6 SM - 6) durante una prueba fuera de la costa de Hawai hoy.

John Paul Jones detectó y rastreó un objetivo lanzado desde la Instalación de Rango de Misiles del Pacífico en Kauai Hawaii con su radar AN / Spy-1 a bordo y los misiles SM-6 a bordo ejecutaron la intercepción.

Leer el informe completo @MissileDefAdv o ver foto abajo
Successful Aegis BMD test w/ DDG-53 off the coast of Hawaii today intercepting an MRBM w/ SM-6 guided missiles. Press release from @MDA…

Missiles Executed The Intercepted

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Missile Executed The Intercepted 2017-08-30 7:30 am  version en espanol

The latest news from the Missile Defense of the United States taken from August 30, 2017 6:30 am  tweet @MissileDefAdv:

The Missile Defense and Agency and U.S Navy sailors aboard the US John Paul Jones (DD3 53)  successfully conducted a complex missile flight test resulting in the intersept of the medium range ballistic missile (MRBM) target using standard (Missile 6 SM - 6) guided missile during a test off the Coast of Hawaii today.

John Paul Jones detected and tracked a target launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai Hawaii with its onboard AN/Spy-1 radar and onboard sm-6  missiles executed the intercept.

Read full report @MissileDefAdv or view picture below
Successful Aegis BMD test w/ DDG-53 off the coast of Hawaii today intercepting an MRBM w/ SM-6 guided missiles. Press release from — Missile Def…

Misil vuela sobre Japón

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Lo Mas Reciente

Seúl deja caer 8 bombas cerca de Corea del Norte
Estubo publicado RT en Español 29 de agosto de 2017 annuncia que:

Corea del Sur ha realizado un ataque simulado en respuesta al lanzamiento de Corea del Norte. Más información:

y tambien que:

Cuatro aeronaves F-15K surcoreanos llevaron a cabo simulaciones de ataque en la provincia de Gangwon. 8 bombas MK84 fueron lanzadas durante los ejercicios, con un peso cada una de alrededor de una tonelada. Los ensayos se iniciaron apenas horas después de que Corea del Norte lanzara un misil que sobrevoló Japón e impactó en el océano Pacífico.
Demostración de fuerza de Corea del Sur tras lanzamiento de misil norcoreano en RT en Español

Misil Vuela Sobre Japón2017-08-29 5:30 pm  7:09 pm version in english

Corea del Norte dijo hoy en respuesta a su última prueba "su primer paso de su operación militar e…


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Reservoirs Failure in Houston! 2019-08-29 updated 9:50 pm version en espanol

Who to follow on twitter para for full immediate reports in the Houston Area


So while the below tweeted,, at 4:41 pm the reports from the WFAA media reported the opposite with atleast 774 views by  10:34 pm central time. Watch below video entitled Neighborhoods flooded by Addicks reservoir both from August 29, 2017

Addicks and Barker dams have NOT breached! — HCFCD (@hcfcd) August 29, 2017
2017 Actual List of 59 neighborhoods in threat of flooding

Updated List of Neighborhoods that will be affected by the estimated 59 feet of flooding — Fort Bend County OEM (@fbcoem) August 29, 2017 Houston Reservoi…

fallo del reservorio houston

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Etiquetas  COMPARTIR, ciudad de Richmond, evacuación de fin prohibida de orden de entrada de Texas

El fracaso embalses en Houston! 2019-08-29 updated 9:50 pm English Version

A quién seguir en twitter para reportes inmediatos completos en el área de Houston


Así, mientras que el siguiente tuiteó , a 16:41 los informes de los medios de comunicación informaron WFAA todo lo contrario y por lomenos 774 vistas por 22:34 hora central. Ver más abajo vídeo titulado barrios inundados por el embalse Addicks tanto del 29 de agosto, 2017
Addicks and Barker dams have NOT breached! — HCFCD (@hcfcd) August 29, 2017
August 29, 2017 Lista Actualizada de Vecindarios que serán afectados por los 59 pies de inundación est…

Missile Flies over Japan

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Most Recent Missile Flies Over Japan 2017-08-29 5:30 pm updated 7:09 pm version en espanol

So its been over 20 test missiles so far fired by North Korea since the beginning of 2017. North Korea today says in response to its latest test "its first step of its military operation in the Pacific and  prelude to containing Guam". Just last week Guam residents were under emergency tests after the threats of North Korea. President Trump gave a warning not to mess with Guam.

Just reported by The Associated Press as North Korea says Kim Jong Un was present for launch of intermediate-range missile flew over Japan. What does that mean to the United States? What does that mean for Japan? Read more about Missile "From America to China.."

Two hours ago, at 6:48pm August 29, 2017 the United States Missile Defense reported on twitter acccount North Korea most recent Hwasong-12 IRBM missile launch via KCNA

The repo…

Evacuation Texas Levees

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Texas Levees OK For Now! 2019-08-29 3:00 pm

Infrastructure Failure for Texas Bridges, Culverts, and  Roadways 

Levees, Bayous and Creeks, Reservoirs are  under Threat

The Texas Houston area has had historical and threatening flooding evacuations are being passed down through words by the minute. Evacuations have been mandatory for some places and for the ones that have been under evacuation briefing it is a waiting game. But this waiting game is it safe enough and will it save lives. Its been several hours now and over 12,000 troops have just been sent out by the National Guard. But bridges are being washed out, evacuation routes are being inundated with water and now what remains are the Levees. And there is additional flooding for Lake Houston.

2:00 pm central time, August 29, 2017, says that dealing with one event would be alot and then
with the Creeks and Bayous!. Neither one of the levees have been over topped nei…

Evacuation Get out now!

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Emergency Evacuation Get Out Now!
Get Out Now Reports

Requests of neighbours helping neighbours,

2017-08-29 10:30 am Updated 1:00 pm

Two Rivers Record Cresting since 1995

Trinity River has crested new record

Texas Gov. Deploys All 12,000 Members of Texas National Guard. #NationalGuard #Texas

 12,000 national texas guards are just being set out as of August 29, 2017 12:15 pm national coverage watch krgv Texas National Guard Activated news report video link
Breaking News: Urgent Get out Now Reports10:00 AM (Urgent) #Breaking: Levee at Columbia Lakes in Brazoria Co. Get out now!
Around Cedar Bayoo water coming quickly Get out 10

Just 2 hours ago at around 11:25am central time the brazoria county puts out a tweet — Brazoria County (@BrazoriaCounty) August 29, 2017
Everything is overwhelming and one rescue after another are the reports on August 29, 2017
So it seems that the…