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Will the Coronavirus come through a Pop Can Bought From a Store?

Will the Coronavirus come through a Pop Can Bought From a Store? Saturday March 14, 2020 5:00 PM
From Pop cans to the Mail to Handshakes how much is the risk? Is it worth it?

A couple of days ago, an amazon employee at its headquarters tested positive. Immediately the media reported on it.

So Why is part of the Brampton Ontario Coke Bottling Facility  being disinfected? On March 12 2020 the story broke out of how an employee testing positive from the Coronovirus, 'Coke Canada halting some production after worker tests positive for COVID-19'. The Coke Canada  plant is at 15 Westcreek Blvd., west of Tomken Road. The infected person was a clerical worker in Coke Canada and did not come close the bottling section. However this does not mean that someone who was near the infected , transmitted the virus to someone that was working in it.

So Is it safe not taking precautions during a Pandemic?

While yesterday PM Justin Trudeau said he was not going to be tested for the Covid-19 desp…

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Topics Trending During Hurricane Harvey Storm: Published Sept 1, 2017 8:29 am updated 2:49 pm Translate this story

Hurricane Irma Can Be Cat 5 During Hurricane Harvey
Two Executive Order Blocked, Before and During Hurricane Harvey
Man made Hurricane Harvey, Before and During Hurricane Harvey
Why are people sent to Old Closed Walmarts During Hurricane Harvey

Are the Topics Trending while  a country is in crisis correlated? Executive Orders being passed before and after the Hurricane Harvey? Man made Hurricane Harvey. Can Governments Cause Problem Reaction Solution. The top trend videos show that people are curious, and people are waking up? So the Sleepy Giant awakens. Let us put into perspective that there has been no major hurricanes hitting the United States people since 13 years ago.
Critical Thinking

If you had a chance of  saving lives would you?
Keep Eyes Open?

Hurricane Irma Can Be Cat 5 During Hurricane Harvey