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Face Masks with Filter for Sale

Global Pandemic Wartime Readiness! Selling Masks Get to Know Jesus Christ  Matthew 24   Isaiah 26:20Psalms 91
Saturday March 22, 2020 COVID-19 Canadian PM Justin Trudeau 3/22/2020
EERIE CANADA IS 17# COVID-19 Rising Quickly March 22

Worldwide  Pandemic  Covid-19 confirmed  311,988 
 China 81,394  Italy 53,578  Spain 28,572  US 26,747 Germany 23,129  Iran 20,610 France 14,485 Korea, South 8,897 Switzerland 6,652 United Kingdom 5,067Netherlands 3,643  Austria 3,021 Belgium 2, 815  Norway 2,216  Sweden 1,770 Denmark 1,420  Canada 1,328

Canada is in the top 17 countries with most covid-19 cases, for full list see below. Canada has not been in a National Emergency, as Trudeau is still in self Isolation with his wife in quarantine since March 12, 2020
CANADA IS 17# COVID-19 Rising Quickly

SELLING FOR OUR PROTECTION If you have not watched last video, please make sure you are watching it. Yesterday  I was at the fabric store. The mood was edgy. Eve…