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Celestial Trends: Luz de Maria Prophecy

  Celestial Event Trend Prophecy Trend Coming Illumination Trend Black Out Trend Planet X Trend Blood Moon Trend The Great Warning: llumination of Consciousness by Veronica Davis 2022-01-11 In many prophecies of Luz de Maria, Our Lady Mary has been telling her what has been occurring and what is to come. We are living in those End times. Because we are already here in those times. Today many of those prophecies have been  trending online years. Some of the most famous of Luz de Maria Prophecies are similar to the Garabandal Prophecy and can be found in various places online. The trends mentioned on this website has been convering most topics in her Prophecies. I too have seen these visions in a dream that I described about in my book, "Triumphants, "What would Yahweh Elohim El Shaddai Yeshua Jesus Christ say?'. Luz de Maria talks about a coming Comet in 2023 to 2021 that will make Earth Impact. The comet that will be 7 kilometers in diamete