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states collapsing trend


Can a Country run without budget? Can a State government run without budget?  What happens when a State has a 15 billion dollar of unpaid billls?

Read on what happens to  a state when it can no longer pay its debt.

 In the United States, whole States are not doing well in terms of this new fiscal year. As is being a reported and trending online, the State is heading into a third straight fiscal year without budget. Illinois's General Home debt is being called "Rated Junk " . By the government rating it a "junk state" it means a state's bonds will become more expensive to sell.

Illinois State Controller, Suzana Mendosa stated :

the States unprecedented fiscal crisis is quickly taking a dangerous turn...Two things are set to happen on Friday. Number one the states fiscal year will end. and the governor and the legislator need to agree on a budget at the end of Friday...

Watch  videos listed below to learn more about Illinois and its government sta…