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What is happening with Covid-19?

Human Crisis Trend   State of Emergency Trend   Outbreak Trend     Agenda 21 Read all the articles from  February 25 2020 until today. What is happening with the Coronavirus or Covid-19 worldwide? Could the Coronavirus spread like an Avalanche Pandemic February 25, 2020 Will the Corona Virus be a Global Agenda and Pandemic? February 25, 2020 Global Pandemic, will it spread like an avalanche? February 25, 2020 The Coronavirus Situation Feb 28, 2020 A new secretive virus is also being reported yesterday. What is this new mysterious Read More.. Mysterious Flu and Hiv Like Mutation Mar 1, 2020 Will the Richmond Hill Toronto Public  or North York Region be infected? Mar 2 2020 Human Crisis Coronavirus Covid-19 March 4, 2022

Human Crisis Trend Greece Turkey Border Invasion

Human Crisis Trend     Corona Virus    Greece Turkey Border Invasion Greece Turkey Border Invasion Feb 26-Mar 4 2020  3/4/2020 The Islamic invasion passing by Greece has been non stop since 2015. But it has not been at its worst until this past week . Three days ago  in Lesvos a  Greek Orthodox church   had been vandalized according to Greek City Times news, other  Buildings and windows and lights have been broken. No respect for the country. Military has been called to take control of the Human Invasion into Greece. The AP press on March 1, 2020 reported of the Turkish president  Tayyip Erdogan   claiming '80,888 had left Turkey for Europe “in the past several days” and called on Europe to share the burden of looking after refugees'. source March 3, 2020 Greece: Riot police clear migrants Watch how the migrants laugh as they think its funny to push local police. as seen in  Scuffles as more migrants reach by RT News Concerns over new migrant cri

Human Crisis Coronavirus Covid-19 March 4, 2022

Human Crisis Trend     Corona Virus    Greece Turkey Border Invasion Worldwide Coronavirus Crisis 2020  Covid-19 Amazon Employee  Veronica Davis 3/4/2020 95, 120 with Covid-19  3,254 dead March 4, 2020 3:23 PM    80,270 Mainland China 5,621 South Korea 3,089 Italy 587 new cases and 28 new deaths in Italy 2,922 Iran 706 Others 331 Japan 285 France 73 new cases in France 262 Germany 59 new cases in Germany 222 Spain  63 new cases and 1 new death in Spain 153 US  2 new deaths and 30 new cases in the United States 33 Canada 3 new cases in Canada (British Columbia) [source] linked to Iran Canada and United States media continues to  push alcohol sanitizers and washing hands for 20 seconds and avoiding touching face. As it spreads through touch and coughing and virus stays on surface of objects.  In Los Angeles U.S they have declared a state of health emergency with 6 new cases. Seattle has become a Ghosttown because there has been 106 so far while Washington is g