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"The Little Book of Love" Paperback Now Available #love #bible

"The Little Book of Love" Paperback Now Available #love #bible #spirituality #GreatAwakening December 25 2020 People are talking about the #GreatAwakening but it has already happened when Jesus Christ came to teach about Love. This Book will get you to look within yourself in the most spiritual way. Spirituality is not about meditating  or looking deep into your thoughts. Read 'The Little Book of Love' and find out what true Spirituality was written in Ancient Scriptures. Purchase online at or wherever in the world your amazon page is closest.  "The Little Book of Love" is finally available in paper back. This is an unique book that will get you to think what Love truly is. It is an activity book and also focuses on the Ancient Scriptures. It will surprise you  that in this time and age, Love is becoming more fake than what Jesus Christ expected over two thousand years ago. New Ebook Out 'The Little Book of Love