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No proof of Vaccination what you may want to know?

  Human Crisis No proof of Vaccination what you may want to know? 2021-10-21 updated 2021-11-22 Please note visiting government website for up to date information for your country snapshot date 2021-10-21 from French Government Website note subject to change at any time If you would like to travel but do not know where to go. Well you  may consider the green colored  countries. Not all countries around the world need to see proof of vaccination. Arrival to Dubai Dubai is one of the countries listed as green. What does that mean? This means you can go without being vaccinated. The trick is to not do any connections with the red countries which require proof of vaccination like United States. If you do make the wrong connecting flight than you will be not allowed to enter country you are connecting flights. For example, if you are going to your home country Canada and are coming from Dubai, your connecting flight home is Minneapolis in the United States. For the unvaccinated in