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Storm Dennis Ireland UK February 16 2020

Climate Change     Human Crisis  Hurricane     Landslides Streets flooded in some areas in  Ireland, UK, and Wales Veronica Davis   Sunday Feb 16 2020 #southwales  #wales #ireland  #england #britain #stormdennis #scotland #stormciara #cork #Aberfan #tylorstown # God Bless those in need of prayers. At a time where disasters are happening all around the world, and the #coronovirus spreading. Two people lost their lives at sea as being reported by the media. Another storm on its way in the UK. Six days ago Storm Ciara was suppose to have been called the storm of the century. In West Yorkshire, residents still  recovering after a month's rain fall fell in several 12 hours. Over two hundred of homes flooded. Some residents are not positive. One store owner points at the top of  the windows, where the storm hit  in 2015. Flights have been cancelled and military have been working sandbagging the shorelines. Storm Dennis is being reported to be the worst at 6 o'clock