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End of Age Trend: Movies Glorifying Sin and Loss of Family Values

End of Age Trend      >> Apocalypse Trend >> End of Days Trend Movies Glorifying Sin and Loss of Family Values  Wednesday 2017-11-22 Not sure why Russia's Top Christian Leader is warning just America embracing Homosexuality as a sign of the apocalypse what about to the rest of the world."Slipping into the abyss of the end of history" says Christian Orthodox Church Leader Patriach Kirill. One must be blind to not see of what John spoke in the revelation. Sin is being glorified in movies. Why is it a threat to family value. Rick Wiles puts further into perspective of: Why is Russia's top Christian leader warning his congregations that America's embrace of homosexuality is a sign that the apocalypse is coming soon, and why are America's Christian leaders so strangely silent? Rick Wiles is joined by Doc Burkhart and Zach Drew as they explore whether the political and religious attacks on Russia are a result of their progressive re