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Human Crisis Trend: Nicaragua's Sandinistas Pulling Trucks of Stones

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Human Crisis Trend:Nicaragua's Sandinistas Pulling Trucks of Stones by Veronica Davis 2018-04-21

Day Three Ortega Government Shooting its own People in the Streets
If the Nicaragua Goverment wanted order, they would of had it long time ago. But it is the chaos that they want The lies of a dictatorship government with a communist leader and his wife a real practising witch. They are known as "brujos del poder".

May God Bless Nicaraguan people .A young 18 year old Michael Cruz dies yesterday from police brutality. The Mother of Michael Cruz mourns her son in the funeral but has not quit in speaking up the truth. In the next video you will hear her  blaming the Ortega Sandinista Communist Government. She says that they want a civil war. 

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"I do not care if they threaten me, I am not afraid of them" says Michael Cruz Mother as she mour…