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Soufrière St. Vincent Volcano Eruption April 9 2021

Human Crisis Trend     Climate Chaos Trend     Vo lcano Eruption Trend Soufrière St. Vincent Volcano Eruption April 9 2021 Veronica Davis 2021-04-10 Soufrière St. Vincent volcano screenshot from Saint Vincent Volcano Explodes April 9 2021 Netflix Government Taxes Gracelife Church     Canadian  Federal Alberta Health Service Seizure  Wednesday April 7 6:30 am  begin Day 1 Two Fences is Erected Thursday April 8 2021 Day 2 A Third Fence comes up  Friday April 9 2021 Day 3 Saturday April 10 2021   Day 4 Soufrière St. Vincent volcano Stratovolcano 1220 m / 4,003 ft West Indies, St. Vincent, 13.33°N / -61.18°W Current status: erupting (4 out of 5)  9 Apr 2021 (Volcanic Ash Advisory) The Caribbean people are in shock as the Volcano has erupted  in Soufrière St. Vincent volcano. It has also covered ash all over neighboring islands.  Two strong explosions occurred at 8:40 am and at 2:30 pm on April 9, 2021. The plume was 8 km high. This is the sixth time  (1718, 18