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Rumors of War Human Crisis Russia at War with Ukraine

Day 1 Full Scale Invasion is on ground in Ukraine. Around 5 am Ukraine time February 24 2022 a war has broken out in Ukraine. Fox news reporter 10:20 pm February 23 2022  explains a tweet sent by Marco Rubio that two of Ukraine largest cities is being targeted with ballistic missiles by Russia. Military base and airport has been the target strike. Marco Rubio @marcorubio: To clarify what is underway is a full scale & comprehensive military assault throughout #Ukraine Airborne & amphibious landings,missile strikes from air,ground & naval forces, electronic & cyber attacks & a large ground for twitter screenshots wednesday february 23 2022 11:20 pm At this time air in ukraine is suspended. This comes minutes before Vladimir Putin sends mitary generals underground bunkers. Watch beyond israel The news has surfaced live discussions on ukraine crisis as emergency discussion at the unit