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Climate Chaos End of March 2019

Climate Chaos Trends    Flood Trend    Volcano Eruption Strange Trends    Animal Invasion Climate Chaos End  of March 2019 Historic Flooding Midwestern United States of America March 2019 Floods Could this be the most devastating year ever for farmers around the world. Over 100 million hectares flooded most specially recognized as the farming lands in Mid western United States. Foods prices will sky rocket due to record floods in Iowa, Nebraska. Grain Silos in Iowa are totally inundated. One billion dollars in lost crops and livestock in Nebraska. Texas, US hail storms of football size damage. Strange Trend Animal Deaths A 40 ft long Grey Whale Carcass appears Malibu California March 24, 2019 Middle Eastern Historic Floods Iran , March 25 2019 Saudi Arabia Floods The abnormal climate change in Saudi Arabia is creating strange animal behavior.  It has brought a lobster invasion to the Valley of Saudi Arabia. Large Anacondas 15 meters long captured on fi