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Climate Chaos Q Gulftainer Project P and No Name trend

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Q Trend Gulftainer No Name  2018  Monday 2018-08-27
Q #Gulftainer #Iraq #SuperWeapons

August 27 2018

The Right Media greatly explains Gulftainer and project Pelican Scandal and ties with Obama and radicals.

8/27 LAWSUIT EXPOSES OBAMA EXTREMIST CONNECTION #Gulftainer #Iraq #SuperWeapons by the right media

August 26 2018

John McCain known as " no name " or "we won' t say his name" according to Q has died over the weekend on Saturday August 25, 2018. He died out of brain cancer he was battling over a year. Q often mentioned John McCain in January 2018. As he is seen photographed with ISIS member in February 2018 according to Q. There…