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Account Suspension Trend Donald Trump or Jack Dorsey

Account Suspension Trend More on the List TruNews

The Account Suspension Trend  False ProgrammingHollywood TrendMK Ultra TrendBad Creative Team Trend 

Account Suspension Trend More on the List TruNews

ByVeronica Davis2018-04-08
The Account Suspension Trend is happening as who is next. Is the target based on religion or is it just is youtube strategy to cut down cost on already too much videos since it first began in February 2005. After all data storage costs millions of dollars. But free storage will not last for eternity.

Another Christian or another voice that speaks the truth has been banned this time from Youtube. A few weeks ago TruNews did a report on the Christians that accounts has been suspended due to religion. Listen to the Trunews testimony on their exit from Youtube. So the questions is , Is Youtube not going to be a platform for point of view but rather just a simply hippie platform on how to act crazy infront of the camera. Does anyone remember the Canadian Hit show where celebrities like Alanis Morisette and Ryan Reyn…

Biological Weather Warfare Trend

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 Biological Weather Warfare: Mysterious Rain 2017-12-21 The Human Race is constantly fighting for extinction and Spiritual Warfare.

Everyone has heard Climate Engineering, or weather modification some theorize that is what made Atlantis Disappear but have you heard of Biological Weather Warfare. Find out more how weather manupulation trend,chemtrail trend, targeted individual trend, all relates to one another as we become the target and guinea pigs of the false prophets trend. The people that are prophesying our future to be an improvement for a better evolution of mankind. As "they" play a game on "us".

The Human Race has been facing experiments since the evolution of time. There is so much coming to the surface as the trends all fall into place like a bigger picture of the j…