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Human Crisis Trend: Sandinistas Thugs of War

   Nation-less Trend      Human Crisis Trend        Coup D'etat Trend Human Crisis Trend:   You have heard of Antifa now the Nicaragua's Sandinistas Thugs of War by Veronica Davis 2018-04-20 #humanrights #humancrisis  #nicaragua #NoALaViolencia #QueremosLaPaz Freedom of Speech has been unplugged by the Press as the Country has created a power outage. Old people were beaten up in the streets and one child has lost its eye. Nicaragua Communist Sandista's Thugs of War 2018 04 20 10 03 09 AM Le sacan el ojo - en Marcha contra la Reformas del INSS Worried family members outside of Nicaragua are being left from outside world communication. People cashing check fear of bank closures. Just like the United States Antifa so co-exists the Sandista in Nicaragua. Is the Devil trying to reign over God's Throne. Causing disorder all over the world. To a country like Nicaragua  where thousands have fled to other countries due to the Sandistas Com