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Did you say Dolce Vida or Dolce G?

More and More the music and location is going to be an influential space between artist and fashion designers a collaborations of two. Gold and Black with the stage precence off silver mirrors like icebergs reminded me of Winnipeg's Assinaboine River entrance from Portage Avenue. The ambience was mystical but yet enchanting. There was a subtle fog that most fashion designers are not embracing but slowy alluring to that ambience. Still five minutes into the fashion presentation i was still moved with the black and gold collection. After all Gold is a commadity with most value and mix it with black who can forget. The music is called Jezebel which not that impressed a horror from the Bible. Just trying to think where is Dolce an G beliefs and heading to. An italian fashion brand not correlating with the Catholic or Religion beliefs? At around 4:30 minutes into the event the white colors began to embrace the collection. The show was live on July 2 2024 where it showcased The #DGAltaMo

Cheers in Winnipeg! 2024 Canada Day~~~

What a cheerful day, I really did not expect it. While a little confusion of the location but who would have guessed it was going to be Canada Day in July a parkade well done! One of the very first performance was a Canadian Born in Nigeria was surely a performance, Cheers Canada Day 2024!  Canada Day was stormy and cloudy it did not stop anyone heading to the Forks Ben Tamana performs at the Parkade in Winnipeg Canada performs at the Forks I learn my music from Church.. Music is something that will never go away Show Me by Ben Tamana

Sophisticated and theatrical Chanel

  #CHANELShow #CHANELHauteCouture "Sophisticated and theatrical", is what they are calling the Fall-Winter 2024/25 Haute Couture collection which was presented  in the corridors of the Palais Garnier . The warm and dark lighting made it look like we were all in the same dream. And yet when the show ended with  the sound effects of the woman walking up the stairs her footsteps made the moment feel like each second of time mattered.  As she ascended up the stairs and walked through the corridors of her castle the day of her wedding. She looked lovely with her white wedding dress. She made every moment feel like she was telling us her story, her fairy tale story.   Streamed live on June 25, 2024,  there were a lot of black, white and gold tones. Soft ruffled hemlines made the outfits girly fun to a serious look. A romantic white ruffled cape embracing the shoulders of a woman looked like the wings of a swan. Followed by a warm fairy tale strapless gathered jumpsuit with ruffled

Fringe, Sparkly, Leather was seen at the Ralph Lauren Holiday 2024 Collection

 Ralph Lauren Holiday  luxurious collection of 2024 did not surprise me. The collection was totally what Ralph Lauren represents: gold and soft tones and a classical silhouette.  A beautiful collection full of styles that certainly anyone would love to wear to a fancy party. The show began with 1990's  stunning supermodel Christy Turlingon wearing a long suit coat with a monochrome look. The long flared pants, ankle length satin skirt worn with a turtleneck sweater sweater cropped at the waistline. The color palette of the first ten designs  were like the stars shining in the sky.  Not leaving out the fringe trend that so many designers have included in their collection. It may have been on the sleeves of a suede jacket or on the trim of  a silver sparkly knee length dress. The fringe trim on the bottom of a sleeveless furry vest. Or fringe trims at the side of pants.  The wool hoody less neck high cape gave so much elegance and grace to the outfit. The dark chocolate color leather

Afternoon Walk on South Beach Florida

     Afternoon Walk on South Beach Florida #healthy #southbeach #walking #happy #exercise #miamibeach #coconutwater # croissant #italianbakery Stroll the Beach, Visit Local Italian Bakery Rosetta, Relax on the Beach have a Coconut Drink! The time of day you will go for your walk will matter. As more people are at the South Beach Mid day walk on 18 th street along South Beach Florida. The Beach is quieter to walk than on Collins Avenue. But expect more noise on Collins Ave. as people are getting ready for dinner and street is full of cars. Miami Beach has the luxury to give you both experiences so take your time to experience both. The Local Italian Bakery called Rosetta sells freshly baked Croissants of all kinds. Most are gone by 1 pm so head out their early. Taste your favorite flavor from Peach to Nutella or filled Cream. And everyone's favorite ham and cheese. You do not have to swim in the Ocean waters but enjoy the beach and take your beach towel and just relax there. If you

How Much Time Do You Have Left on the Trip Miami Beach

How Much Time Do You Have Left on the Trip Miami Beach  #walk #fit #healthy #happy #southbeach #miamibeach #lifestyle #uberstate Wake up early, you do not have too much time left. Whether you are visiting a new place for work or pleasure you know that time will pass fast. So it is best to enjoy every minute of it. At least that is how I felt when I traveled on an event trip sponsored by Uberstate a crypto company for Miami Swim Week. Every morning, I woke up early, for my hour walk. I love walking and although it was not my first time in Miami Beach I had to refresh my memory. And what better way to refresh my memory by going for a walk. On my first walk it short, the weather forecast was inaccurate and it poured rain on me for at least 15 minutes. The second morning I walked over 2 hours and finally reached my destination from 21 street to 51 street. A walk I will never forget. I was exhausted and took no water with me. While there was water fountains, the water felt more for tea or c

Where to stay at Miami Beach? A Kasa for you

Where to stay at Miami Beach?  A Kasa for you Miami  Beach is not for everyone. It is for sun lovers and people who love the ocean. Located just 2 blocks from the South Beach is a little building that you may have missed walking. Right next to the Miami Ballet School and right in front of Visu Contempory Gallery. Like privacy, safety and quietness? Well this special place will tick off your list. It is not just a hotel but more. It is like you are in your own apartment. It is like you never left home. I personally found it on an app you can download the app for free. You will not be greeted by any hotel staff but rather your phone will be your welcoming features. Kasa will text you 24 hours your code and free wi fi code.  At K asa Collins apartment a business own by European investment company that just recently renovated this 1940's apartment into a hotel ready to stay and yet an experience as if you are not a visitor but a local. The name brand Kasa meaning Casa or

Miami Swim Week Raga Designs

Miami Swim Week Raga Designs #miamiswimweek #swimwear If you were a guest or an invite to the Miami Swim Week you would be one of the lucky ones to see the show. Designs by Raga from Dallas, Texas was one of the designers to show their swim collection at 5101 Collins Avenue next to the South Shore Line, Miami Beach. There were a few designers as well ready to present their collection that was not only refreshing for the hot air of Miami Beach but for the warm waters of the Atlantic coast. There were some swim suits inspired by reptilians such as the photo seen below. Or some models wearing the light weight fabrics blending with the summer warm colors. Some of the Models shared their experience and moment during such Vip Event at the Palm House. Designs by Raga Model at Miami Swim Week 2024 Chrissy King Miami Swim Week 2024 Models Speak

Berry Beachy Collection Miami Swim Week June 2, 2024

Now it is not everyday at South Beach Florida that you will see people dressed like the models on the runaway. But at the fashion swim week you will see them there. Berry Beachy Swimwear at Miami Swim week was presented at the art hearts fashion. Berry Beachy can be bought at  and the male collections called  Papi Swirm @rizzitozdeoro Berry Beachy Swimwear #miamiswimweek #artheartsfashion #swimwearmodel ♬ DANCE MONKEY(REMIX) - 音源

South Beach at Late Gianni Versace Mansion

South Beach at Late Gianni Versace Mansion Published on 6/1/24 11:25 am by Veronica Davis  #fashion  #miamibeach #lifestyle #mansion #oceandrive #versace Gianni Versace Logo at Miami Beach ex residence If you are ever at Miami Beach you must stop at 11 street ocean drive.  standing in front of versace mansion 1116 ocean drive maimi beach florida I took my time and had to make a stop right at 1116 ocean drive. A place that use to belong to the late fashion designer Gianni Versace. It is no longer owned by the family . The place will always remain to be called Gianni. Today it is an Italian restaurant. One of the reasons I became a fashion designer was Gianni Versace. His legacy will forever be frozen in time at Miami Beach. In 1996 we all remember him being the hottest designer of his time. Gianni Versace created the supermodels. He made Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista all household names. He made the ugly beautiful having used

Remembering Those Who Are Gone

  Remembering Those Who are Gone Just Coming To Miami Beach for Miami Swim Week. The first place to visit on such a date of memorial day was the Holocaust Museum. Its a free place to visit. So if you are in Miami Beach making a stop here is not only memorial but emotional.  You will not miss it. By car or by feet you will not miss it. If you ask yourself what is that huge hand out there make sure to make a stop and see for yourself. I made that stop and recorded it for those who are not here. Humanity can not forget or continue the atrocity or hatred for one another. Museum at Miam Beach Holocaust

Walking on Collins Ave. South Beach

Walking To Keep Fit #miamibeach #stayfit #health  Beach Side Walk along Collins Ave. South Beach Fl. Keeping Healthy is so important for your mental health. Keeping moving is the goal this week. While at Miami Beach what I loved the most was beginning early in the morning right along Miami beach shore people were up walking, running, or cycling. All ages everyone cared for their bodies. Walking on Collins Ave. Is not for everyone. Expect to be soaked sun baked or relaxed. Coming from Canada the sun during March does not get warm until 2 pm. While at Miami swim week the sun was up by 9 am. Expect hot weather and no chance of relaxation. The sun rises at 8 am so if you want to go for a long walk its best to wake up early. While I started my walk at south beachside on Collins avenue at 8:30 am it was not good enough.  At Miami Beach Enjoy short 5 minute walk Collins avenue walk  next to the beach shore 33 minutes walking from 24 street Collins to 51 Collins street along the beach shore Ma

Fashion Trend #7: Rosettes and Floral

  Fashion Trend #7: Rosettes and Floral The very popular rosette  on outfits and  floral prints on designs was seen all over the runaways. This is not a new trend but a repeat trend from previous seasons. Chanel fashion house uses the rosettes on most of  their collections. The rosette is seen on the Spring and Summer and Fall and Winter . The Chanel Cruise 2024 look 1 and look 23 present just exactly that . Chanel Cruise 2024 look 1 and look 23 Balmain Spring Summer 2024 collection consisted of 90 percent of flower inspiration. If the models did not have some kind of rosette design on their dress, they would be carrying a bouquet of gold, red or black roses.  Balmain Spring and Summer 2024 Collection Balmain Spring and Summer 2024 Collection Balmain Spring and Summer 2024 Collection One of the best collections seen on the runaway in 2024 was described by the Creative director Sarah Burton as being inspired by female anatomy, Queen Elizabeth I, the blood red rose and Magdalena Abakanow

Fashion Trend 6 From Plane Jeans to Picturesque

    Fashion Trends Fashion Trend #6:  From Plane Jeans to Picturesq ue   While each designer added their own uniqueness to their art, incorporating the jeans fabric to their collection makes the  fabric less of a staple but  a picturesque canvas. At the Chloé Fall 2024 Ready-to-Wear Collection, a blonde model is seen wearing a white top with patched, tight fitted jeans. The Alexander McQueen Spring Summer collection of 24 included several jeans items. One sticking out are the cutout sleeves with a corset silhouette. The Dolce and Gabbana Spring and Summer collection had their models parading oversized, and baggy looks. Jean Paul Gautier 2024 Collection consisted of many interesting shapes and embellishments to the jeans designs. The blue lace up denim jacket with lace up detailing and fading throughout with welt pockets. An indigo denim paneled jacket with quilted detailing at the bust area, and spread collar. An indigo cropped denim jacket with underwire at quilted padded bra and sing

London’s Bloody White Horse and the Black Horse Symbolism

 London’s Bloody White Horse and the Black Horse Symbolism You definitely have heard of this if you live in London, England. Something strange occurred this past week. The White Horse is Trending and it is not what you think. A bloody white horse running behind a black horse was a scene hard to imagine and yet seen on the Streets of downtown London on Wednesday April 24 2024. The strange situation was trending all over the news and internet. The strange part was not even reporters could say what was happening. Was it planned? The fact that the horses were never chased by anyone. As they desperately galloped alone with no owner chasing after them. When the news broke in London it took reporters a while to understand that the horses were coming from Buckingham Palace. And why the military took hold of the situation several hours later. It was said that the trail of blood they left on the streets was 6 miles long. What does this mean?  What does it mean to the world? Over the span of six

Transitioning into a Butterfly or is it a Trend? Part 1

  Transitioning into a Butterfly or is it a Trend? Part 1 Something strange is happening in the educational system. Principals are being hired to manipulate society. Treat kids like they are victims and aggressors as the winners. The minority wants to rule in this society. Fifteen children controlling the whole school at Utah, seems bizarre well not really when the principal is behind this weird satanic agenda. But in a middle school in Utah kids are taking control of the abuse they are putting up with, from the principal engaging in belittling kids. That is the story of many children who walked out several days ago, to gain rights and stop the abuse from the educational system. Watch the video below before it is deleted, kids bitten and sprayed on by kids their age. From kids called "furries", dress as furry animals behaving like animals and being permitted by the principal whose daughter is a furry. Must have  a litter box or else you will be sued by the parents. However, t

Living in Faith Not by Sight, A Time to Reflect Godliness

 Living in Faith Not by Sight, A Time to Reflect Godliness Eclipse Trend   Light  Lampstand   Sun Moon Stars Oil The Great North American Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 When God created the Sun and the Moon it was a time of when the World was in total darkness. In Heaven, the Apostle John tells us that there is no Moon or Sun. And made God two lights great the light greater to rule the day and the light lesser to rule the night and (He made) the stars  Genesis 1:16 Hebrew Text Analysis In the Old Testament the times the Lampstand is mentioned is when it is associated with light. The lampstand can only have light with oil. That is what God wanted us to visualize. However, in the New Testament when Jesus Christ mentioned the lampstand it was for us to believe in us. To reflect within ourselves and where our souls lead through him. Where does our oil come from? The oil comes from Jesus Christ.    And you shall command the sons of Israel that they bring you oil of olives pure pressed fo

The Great North American Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024

 The Great North American Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024 Eclipse Trend   Light  Lampstand   Sun Moon Stars Oil Today not only started with a full Moon it will also take us to a moment in time when Jesus Christ died. A feeling  a lot like when hundreds of people in Israel witnessed Jesus Christ suffering while his hands were nailed to a cross while wearing the mocking crown of thorns. In the same way we will witness the Moon cross in front of the Sun and pass by us earthlings.  In the United States it will begin in Texas, Dallas at 1:40 CT and end over the Atlantic Ocean. In central Canada in the city of Winnipeg, it will  only be seen  54 % of the Total Eclipse. It will begin at 12:54 pm central time and end at 3:08 pm. Similar trend : eclipse trend There are many similarities of both eclipses. There were 7 cities named Salem on the path of  the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. Now there are 7 cities named Nineveh. The number 7 in the Sacred Book of the Bible means completion

Fashion Trend #4: Asymmetrical Dress Gown Slit Waistline

 Fashion Trends Fashion Trend #4:  Dress Gown Slit @ Waistline #VersaceLaVacanza   Fashion Designers are loving this design time and time again. A favorite of late Italian born Fashion designer Gianni Versace. Fashion trend number four is a dress gown design slit right about the waistline. Several designers showed this design incorporating it as part of their collection. Superstar singer Dua Lipa collaborated with Donatella Versace, an American fashion designer of luxury accessories and ready-to-wear Michael Kors. Headquartered in Milan Italy, Roberto Cavalli brand which is distributed worldwide through 32 directly operated stores also created the dress gown design slit at the waistline . All fashion brands created their own unique look specifically to make a woman look glamorous at night. Streamed live online on May 23, 2023   the Versace La Vacanza collection was  co-designed by Donatella Versace and Dua Lipa. It debuted on Tuesday, May 23rd in Cannes, South of France. Gianni Versace

All Around the World We Celebrate..

 All Around the World We Celebrate.. To be alive..Happy New Year!  A celebration that everyone celebrates. As we thank the world that we are alive one more year. I wish everyone a Happy New Year. This year passing by was a miracle and lovely year for me. I was healthy which is the most important thing. I celebrate with everyone all around the world with all the love. As I wait for Paris to celebrate in two more hours. I have been celebrating New Years since the moment I woke up. First it was with Sydney, it was 8 am my time. Then it was with Taiwan, it was 11 am my time. Then it was with Dubai, it was 2 pm my time. Then it will soon be London and Paris.  Dubai drone show 2024