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Coup d'état Trend : A Country in Crisis, Dangers of a Coup d'état Trend

The Humanity Crisis Trend       The Testimony Trend      The Artificial Intelligence   Exposing The Wrong Setup Trend       The Ceasefire Trend The BreakThrough Trend : Rise Up The Testimony Trend and The Wrong Set Up Trend Ezekiel 38 Russian-Turkish-Iranian- Alliance Coup d'état Trend : A Country in Crisis Honduras Coup d'état Trend  2017-12-03 8:00 pm #theCoupdetattrend #grace #humanitycrisis #love #yashua #jesuslovesme #mytestimony # Is it the Supermoon causing the Chaos. Is it a coup d'etat? The central american Country Honduras is in a political crisis, a far too common trend this year. But a French phrase Coup d'état far too commonly phrase used this year. It sure is making headline all around the world. Just on Friday, the Honduras people were voting and today a political peaceful demonstration over whether the counts were valid has created a humanity crisis and disorder. The online definition of a A coup d'état: also known simply as a c