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Censorship Trend Twiter and Face book Editor or Social Media Platforms

Censorship Trend Twiter Bots, Face book Bots affecting U.S Elections?   by Veronica Davis 2020-11-17 Show articles matching the search for " censorship trend" Today November 17 2020 Live technocracy leaders answer many questions that will help in how the censorship actually exists. Senator and Chairman Mr Graham asked, Do you have any evidence that suggests that your platform could be addictive. Sometimes it may look like a bot but it is organized by a Human. Not clear what this meant but still what it means that Humans are controlling the outcome. This applies to the censorship the world has been complaining about. Who are the ROBBER BARONS Are Mr Dorsey and Mr Zuckerberg the new Robber barons. They were the ones who set rates and prices to determine how they could . They were the head of companies in the late nineteenth century,  Controlling information flow to determine how to get rid of competition. Mr Hawle