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Bizzare wave activities out along the Pacific Coastline

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Bizarre wave activities out along the Pacific Coastline2019-01-08
Strange ocean activity with a rhythmic movements like a donut shape out around the Pacific Coast from the United States to Canada. Not normal ocean activity as if something was stirring the ocean in that direction..The torsion may be related to the satanic weather manipulation system.One would think that the Japan 6.3 mag earthquake that just happened 7 hours ago would bring a tsunami movement to California coastline but it did not. Instead this strange movement continues to stay out in the ocean for several hours now.

Bizzare wave activities out along the Pacific Coastline January 08, 2019

Disaster boosts other weak industries.
A return of the polar vortex this winter could drive up demand for natural gas. Insights via — TicToc by Bloomber…

Climate Chaos Lots of Earthquakes in Indonesia and Tropic storm Pabuk

Is the Sun Getting Colder

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Solar Trend Is the Sun Getting Colder2018-11-27
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Is the Sun getting Colder. Is an Ice age on its way. What is happening to the Sun. Magnetic storms and the Earth's Magnetic field may tell us more  of what is to come. This winter 2018 may be the coldest winter ever. The earth's upper atmosphere is cooling rapidly.

According to nemesis maturity published on Nov 27, 2018 there will be Geomagnetic storms on November  30th or December 1st. There will be a stream of solar wind is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field wher…

Unusual Earthquake Trend alert 10 km depths Indonesia 7.5 mag

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  Unusual Earthquake Trend alert 10 km depths Indonesia 7.5 Friday  2018-09-28  8:00 am

One thing to point out is that in Oman there has been an infestation or invasion of locust. Were the locust a sign of a biblical plague or a real big earthquake.

Unusual Earthquake Trend alert 10 km depths Indonesia

It is early in the day and several Earthquakes at magnitude over 5 are being recorded by USGS. One is located in a zone that earthquakes are rare such as in Sainte-Marie, Martinique. Also   in the region  of Indonesia a big 7.5 magnitude. But the unusual trend today is that they are all 10 kms

So far there…

Climate Chaos: Unusual Earthquake Trend

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Climate Chaos: Unusual Earthquake Trend2018-01-16 

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Today Tuesday January 16, 2018 there was a couple of very rare and deep ocean quakes 625 km deep out in the Pacific Ocean near . Not to mention that there was a false missile warning threat in Japan today and on Sunday in Hawaii.


The epicenter of the near fiji ocean quake, with a depth of 659.39 km at 19.4561 degrees south latitude and 179.2833 degrees west longitude.Unusual earthquakes happening less than an hour ago, 659 km deep into the ocean. Is it a directed Energy Weapon poking at the Pacific Ocean Waters.

Just how deep is 659 km under water it is deep int…