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Unusual Earthquake Trend Feb 13 2020 Russia 7.0 Magnitude

Deep Unusual Earthquake Trend10 km Depth Earthquake Trend0 km Depth Earthquake Trend 

February 2020

Unusual Earthquake Trend  Feb 13 2020 Russia 7.0 Magnitude 9:17 am 2/13/2020

What is going on in the Northern part of Sea of Okhotsk?

Four hours ago, Russia has had an unusual dangerous area. Worldwide the Earthquakes are getting larger, and now Russia has a deep earthquake being reported as a 7 magnitude . What is happening in that region? Are there any volcanoes in that region? Is this something more than just a natural Earthquake?

Yesterday over a 24 hour period, there were 9 out of the top 20 earthquakes with a 10 km depth Earthquake. What does it mean? It is an earthquake that has been disturbed by something on the surface not deep inside the Earth. Some kind of artificial device on top of the Earth's surface. Sometimes, mining or other constructions blasts. Or something more sinister? This is definitely the area where N Korea has been testing its missiles. For the past 11 hours …

Unusual 0 km Depth Earthquakes in Alaska

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Unusual Unusual 0  km Depth Earthquakes in Alaska  Aug 22 201812:00 pm 2018-08-22
Today Venezuela, Japan and Costa Rica were hit with earthquakes again. This are areas that have already received strong earthquakes in the past week.

Is it HAARP actively creating earthquakes in Alaska. Why is there a 0 km depth earthquake. Aren't earthquakes shifting of the grounds. In the yellow parts you will see how unusual this earthquakes.

There are other unusual patterns occurring such as Japan then the deep earthquakes in Fiji. Similar pattern happened this weekend August 19. 2018. Watch next youtube videos .

Japan Venezuela Oregan Fiji Costa Rica Earthquakes 2018

DATE/TIMEREGIONMAGNITUDEDEPTH (in km)SOURCEDETAILWednesday August 22 2018, 16:35:12 UTC5 minutes ago7km W of Lake Henshaw, CA1.89.7USGS FeedDetailWednesday August 22 2018, 16:35:05 UTC5 minutes ago6km E of M…