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Censorship Trend:The Poster Censorship Must Come Down The Truth about Uncleaness

Human Crisis     Censorship Trend Censorship Trend The Poster Censorship Must Come Down  Veronica Davis 3/11/2020 In the United States the House of Appropriations hearing the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) discussed its budget on Tuesday. The very first comment came from the Chairwoman Ms Delauro who has brought up a concern that applies to the general public. Today a meeting for the 2021 budget that has not been discussed since 2016, took place earlier this morning. Ms Delauro claimed: The American Administration has been ordered the immigration courts to immediately remove coronavirus poster. It just says that the Immigration staff have been ordered by the administration to take down coronavirus posters from Court Rooms and waiting area the executive office for immigration review which falls under the department of Justice told all the Judges and staff members in an email Monday that all the Corona virus posters which explained in English and Spanish  how to preve