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Assets Seized In front of Our Eyes, Banks, Airplanes What is Happening?

  crypto currency trend   bank run crisis     asset seizure trend Assets Seized In front of Our Eyes from Banks   or Airplanes What is Happening? #megatrndz #siliconvalley #flareairlines If you are wondering if the world is slowly collapsing, let us take a look at where the cookie crumbs are?  Let us look at perception, what we perceive as individuals it all depends on how much assets we own. Some people own nothing in assets meanwhile others own what they owe. Is it possible. Take for example renters verses mortgage owners. A mortgage is simply an asset that you owe not one you own. When you own a house it is owned solely by you. A mortgage is simply a legal promise into the future that you own so long as your money is constantly being paid to the bank. So in the meantime you still own the house so long as you are making the regular payments that you promised to the bank to be paid in the future. In essense, You have 90 days if you default  on those payments before the bank sells your